Nov 14

Stewed Rabbit

The rabbit is one of the most healthy and inexpensive meats that exist, for some reason is not used much in Spanish gastronomy, but if it pueban not be regret. On this occasion we will prepare it stew, although there are other ways of taking it, with rice, potatoes or encebollado are some of the others. Rabbit Stew ingredients: 1 conejo.200 gr. ham serrano.2 cebollas.3 teeth ajo.2 pan.1 glass of red wine from the Rioja.6 slices tomatoes maduros.1 peppers morron.25 Gr. almendras.1 scoop of olive oil.Black Sal.Pimienta. Cut the onion into julienne strips and reserve it. We grate the tomatoes and reserve them. Peel the garlic, whole Flash.

We clean the peppers and cut them into cubes. We clean the rabbit and cut it into pieces, we season it, it peacefully by flour and FRY. We reserve the rabbit. In the same pan and in the same oil, fry the slices of bread and almonds. With them we do a sheepfold in the mortar and reserve it. In the same oil we make a sauce with the onions. Until browned, add the ham wall plugs and lodamos a few turns, without leaving it cold too.

When well poached, add the paprika and give a few laps without burning out. Then add the grated tomato, salt and pepper, peppers and whole garlic. With all this we make a sauce to simmer. We put the rabbit already fried in a pan, sofrito, red wine and bites. And let that you cook, simmer for 1 hour, without leaving it dry. The result will be a delicious Rabbit Stew. In our recipe book you will find more recipes for rabbit, as well as recipes for pork or squid recipes.