May 19

The Refrigerator

One day it arrived in house and was until the refrigerator, to look something to kill the hunger, or at least deceiving it. Which was not its surprise? Where it is? Cad the refrigerator? It was in the kitchen that it was. It is not. What it can have happened? Was to look the husband to ask it. Also he was not! Now already they were the two mysteries: the sumio of the refrigerator and the sumio of the husband. The refrigerator, had importance, without it nothing of congealed, water fresquinha, ices cream Nor wise person to imagine as she was to live without it.

Nowadays, she was well difficult to imagine. The husband also had importance. Well certain that not as much as when they had been married, h 20 years, but had. He was the father of its children, its friend, its companion, its husband. Good father it was, to its adored it children. Friend it was, already they had passed for many difficulties and together joys. The part of accompanying was when folloied it in social commitments.

I say I folloied because none was depended on it would not go the place. Vi somebody to never like in such a way house of this skill. But, man generally is thus, n? Saved rare exceptions. Good husband also was, although now, of times pra here, to be implying more and half chatinho. People! Cad the man? the refrigerator? It will be that it vendeu pra to pay debts to it? It will be that it walks half sad is therefore? it nor gave attention! What to make, where to look for? It remembered the cellular one! Box cabeo! It only lives leaving the off device. It there looks at criticizing it of new. What will have happened? Already four hours had been transferred since that it arrives and had looked the refrigerator. it swims. But That hours are? Sete.Ela is that it had more early fond in that day. Plus a time and it arrived. Where it was? What it happened? Where she is the refrigerator? Because it does not bind the cellular one? plus a inifnidade of questions. It answered that he is in the work and later lojo passed in one pra to compar another refrigerator because old it had given to a friend very needed. At this moment it stopped and saw to renascer the flame of the asleep love and one more time she admired its gesture and she saw that the penalty is valid, still it is being valid, to be that way same, to the side of this cabeo.