Aug 30


With a view of the economic situation of a company identify and assess the undertaking’s balance sheet is a snapshot of the economic situation. All assets are listed in her and she also shows how this asset is financed. With just a few simple steps, you can evaluate this information and assess. You need more data from the profit and loss account in addition to the balance sheet. Both statements are summarized in the financial statements of a company, which is publicly accessible for companies registered in the commercial register. From this you can calculate various key figures and ratios that help you capture the economic situation of the company. Dean Ornish M.D can aid you in your search for knowledge. Because the data is a snapshot, you can consider this but not isolated. The full significance emerges only when the figures are compared with other periods.

This time series depicting the development over several accounting periods. It is however not only important to know how the company in the course of time has developed, but also is the economic situation in comparison to other companies in the same industry. Different industries have different demands on companies and these are reflected in the asset and funding structure. So the financing structure of a supermarket differs considerably from a construction company, since they both use a completely different business model. But what indicators should now use from the balance sheet and the profit and loss account? The most important information provide the key figures to the liquidity and profitability of the company. The liquidity of a company represents its ability to pay maturing debts.

This ability is important, because a company cannot even insolvent if it makes profits and has a large fortune. To measure this ability to pay, put the cash and cash equivalents and the short-term demands of the company in relation to short-term liabilities. Is this ratio smaller 1, is the company is not currently capable of, all his short-term exposures, such as for example supplier invoices to pay. This can be a warning sign that the company can get into liquidity difficulties in future. Learn more on the subject from Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. When looking at the profitability, you should check first whether the company makes profit, so generating a positive return. Then, it is interesting to know how expressed the gain in relation to the turnover. The profit-turnover ratio indicates how much profit the company by a euro generates revenue. This is particularly significant when compared with other companies in the same industry. For example, determine and make that company A has a return on sales of 9% and (b) 5%, so company A more profit per dollar sales. The reasons for this can be higher margins because the company can achieve higher prices in the market, or lower costs as a result of better cost management. This comparison provides first evidence, how efficiently a company works. You can calculate a variety of key figures in financial statement analysis and compare, sensible and nonsensical, meaningful and less meaningful, General or industry-specific. But always remember the height of a key figure alone answer no questions. You need to consider the value in an appropriate context to form an opinion on the economic situation.

Aug 28

Schlein Products

The owner and concurrent Director of spectrum GmbH, Volker Biermann and Ralph carried out online-shop – the innovation of the incense burner with the site Riechbar24 Schlein on the Internet. Together, they look back on a decades-long experience in the trade of gifts and home accessories and therefore characterized by a lot of know-how and confidence young presence in the net. The online shop is aimed at people who are always looking for new and fresh products.Inspired by exotic travel and their extraordinary scents, the idea of her captivating collection arose from aroma and fragrance articles. The exclusive fragrance lamps, which work in conjunction with special aroma discs are special. In addition, the store offers a wide range of room scents and candles, which are available in different versions to choose from.

The front end of the stores shop building thanks to the participation of the professional design agency Falcon White excels in spectacular colors, as well as a fresh layout. Inexperienced online buyers need not shy to show, as the design is innovative, but still user friendly. The home stands like the range among four large thematic areas. The aroma lamps, the discs, the room scents and candles. These areas are directly about various teasers, available as a slideshow. More search options are a creative variant colors, brands and the popular top seller products.

In addition, Riechbar24 with its SSL-security guarantees certification”for a thoroughly safe and secure shopping experience. Offer the focus of the store is called on the exclusive aroma lamps, including the easy-to-use nose rings, or even discs. This system is based on a new-fangled idea from Asia and spread its effect due to the inflammation of a standard tea light, which is provided on the bottom of the lamp. By pulling upward heat of ring located in the head of the lamp unfolds the individually selected fragrances. In addition the calming effect of the shimmering colored lamp body. The next big sale hit the diffusers of the brand are Millefiori Milano, which is available since the 1990s for a conscientious and original research in the field of fragrance products. Their signboards in the shop are the refillable air fresheners. These are based on the use of wooden rods, which absorb the aroma substances and release their scent over the tips of upturned in the connection. You are also for a very long shelf life of 3-4 months. Also offers a wide range of refill concentrates Millefiori, stylish car air freshener”, which provide a pleasant smell even on long road trips. The candles of Engels manufacturers seem to make a rather down-to-Earth impression in contrast to the rest of the range. They’re the most precious product, however. They are produced in the German factory of Engels, characterised with over 75 years of experience for their quality products, such as high-quality wax and crystal glass of technical precision.

Aug 27

Auto Examination

Auto Examination of the Breasts and the Examination of Mamografia in the prevention of the Cancer of Breast Ctia Oliveira Tainara Camila Baptist Dos Santos Talita Portela de Miranda Summary the breast cancer is the main cause of death for neoplasias between Brazilian adults, over all enters oldest. The Michael J. Fox Foundation has similar goals. The prevention of the breast cancer can be primary or secondary. The paper of the primary care is to modify or to eliminate factors of risk for this cancer. Go to Daryl Katz for more information. In the secondary prevention the diagnosis and treatment of the precocious cancers are fit. One is about a research of bibliographical character. that the mamografia is considered the method most efficient for precocious detention of the cancer, having had to be made annually.

the auto-examination of the breasts does not have to change the clinical examination carried through by professional of health qualified for this activity. However, the examination of the breasts for the proper woman helps in the knowledge of the body and must be contemplated in the actions of education for the health. The women must be always intent changes that can I came to always occur in its breasts, searching one I diagnosis precocious through the mamografia, of the clinical examination of the breasts and the auto-examination of the breasts, always looking to aid of a professional of health and an adequate treatment.

Aug 25

First Common Apartment

Evening together fall asleep and wake up in the morning together. Evening together fall asleep and wake up in the morning together. This is the ideal notion of amorous couples if they plan to move to the first shared apartment. When he dreams but by a lovingly restored apartment in the Mediterranean style with French balcony, a modern, minimalist loft with high ceilings and dark furniture, but already the first major trade-offs should be closed. The strenuous Househunting is completed and the future found at home, the fun really begins.

Often, the next big challenge represents the right interior design and the selection of furniture. As we all know are the tastes of women and men different. Therefore, a balance should be found here. While for women, it is important that the entire interior optically ideally suits the wall color and the selected curtains, men prefer to lay the tiles and carpet, as well as the worry electronic connections and of course, assembling the furniture. The grossest move work are over, woman is again on the way to find the correct decoration and the most beautiful Wohnaccecoires. Colour-matched glass coasters, jungle-like plants for each room, pictures for the walls and candles for the evening, romantic atmosphere on the terrace are in the shopping cart. Both men are now in her true element and get all sorts of technical gadgets for the common household. The largest flat-screen television, the latest stereo system with the best surround sound, a beamer for common soccer nights and numerous other technical toys are on the shopping list.

The phase of Setup and the relocation would be over, now comes the biggest challenge on the couple to everyday life. More food on the ground as in the refrigerator. Scattered beard stubble and hair in the sink, the dirty laundry all over the apartment. The garbage spread already unpleasant odor and attracts flies the dishes piling up in the kitchen. Is the last clean glass your dress from the last Carnival your toothbrush tumbler and the last clean piece of clothing? If your home should look like, then you have not yet clarified one of the most important points, namely to create a cleaning plan.

Aug 23

Children Years

Fears are very common between 2 and 4 years of age and many of them are presented as fear of animals, especially dogs. Around 6 years of age, it is common that children fear the dark, storms or the doctors. Many of these fears will disappear as the child grows and loses his sense of powerlessness. The reasons why feel so many fears in this period of his life, can be found in the intense fantasy that characterizes it, and the inability of children to distinguish the simulated reality. Older children feel other fears. Between 8 and 12 years of age, when they understand the cause and effect relationship, it is likely that they most fear personal injuries and the physical dangers, while between the ages of 4 and 6 may feel fear of the unknown or ugly people. The frightening images of a television program or violent films can help keep their anxieties. Sometimes, children’s imagination makes them feel attacked by an animal or abandoned, however, some of these fears come from real (such as being bitten by a dog) hazard assessment or actual events (when a child has witnessed or been involved in a traffic accident, it is possible to generate fear car or crossing the street).

At this age children have accumulated better knowledge and experience, and know that there are a lot of things which should be feared. (Source: Daryl Katz). It is not entirely clear, because some fears disappear and others persist. Apparently the reactions of adults play an important role in such situations. Parents should accept that the fears are normal, give confidence to children and encourage them to express their fears without ridicule them or punish them. You should not be allowed the children to avoid the object of their fears, because this conduct does not make fear go away. Some children can transform their fears in aggression, however these may emerge otherwise in early childhood. These are the fears and fears more frequent in different moments of childhood: from 0 to 6 months: loss of support, noises from the 7 to 12 months: strangers, height, sudden appearance of menacing objects per year: separation of the parents, injury, toilet, strangers at age 2: dark strong rooms, animal noises, separation from parents, objects or large machines, changes in the personal atmosphere. 3 Years: masks, darkness, animals, separation from parents. 4 To 5 years: night noises, darkness, bodily harm, bad people of the 6 to 8 years: supernatural beings (witches, ghosts), lightning and Thunder, loneliness, personal injury. 9 To 12 years: tests and school testing, school performance, physical appearance, personal injury, death, darkness.

Aug 21


When a relationship is finished comes the world over. All have suffered ever for love and therefore know what I’m talking about. It happens that after a longer or shorter period of coexistence or maintain a relationship of courtship, ends the relationship and not easy for any two members of the couple. But who suffers more, which leaves or which is left?. Throughout my experience as a psychologist I have seen a wide variety of situations of separation, both people who have gathered enough forces to ask your partner a separation, and people who have had to take to stop them without that they would like to get to that end.

And although in both cases it goes bad, the quality of the anguish suffered is different. Overall I can say that the person who raises the separation firm when the other person not agrees, live difficult moments during the time where the is evaluating that possibility. You should assess whether it is more advantageous to medium and long-term dispense with its current partner while in a principle is painful. Once has decided to make a solid approach to rupture, be subjected to the pressure is going to make the other person by the continuity and that is not easy because it can happen that the other Member of the couple refers to emotional blackmail, give another point of view, cry or do you appreciate aspects of the relationship that has not taken into account. Therefore, if you are evaluating raising the end of a relationship, take into account everything said and do not say anything categorical until not be absolutely clear that you want to finish. The person who leaves will live a difficult situation before considering it and if it’s something probably meditated live better after exposure to her partner and having left the relationship. The feeling after finishing with a relationship that didn’t satisfy you makes to live life with a freedom and without the feeling of burden that you had before.

Aug 16


No adult has such enormous energy, as the most common child from year to year and a half. All moms are looking forward to that happy moment when the baby will make his first independent step. Read more here: Urology, Tennessee. Rejoice in just one day. The next thought: “Better you lie!” Now my mother is absolutely no free time. You should always be alert and hedging the baby. But the joy of a child has no end. He did not just learned to walk, he met with a new way to travel in space, and that he really liked it. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta often addresses the matter in his writings.

Now he has learned to move quickly, and the opportunity to explore the outside world has increased dramatically. Therefore, 5 words for 1 class – quite enough, although it may be necessary to reduce this number to 3, and perhaps up to 1 word. Child aged from 1,5 to 2,5 years, Rule 1. Choose to learn the words that your child is most like. The child has long formed their preferences, and breaks out his opinion. Successful classes are those on which you will show your child’s favorite words. Unloved by the words he will turn away. All little interest words, especially unloved, you need to skip 1 – 2 times, and translate them into the second and third stages: in the category of phrases and sentences. From unloved words can make a very interesting proposal. For example, if your child can not tolerate the word “barley” and is ready to it, like your porridge, you are trying to cram on the advice of doctors to better metabolism, throw down the toilet.

Aug 16


Go to a bathhouse? You will catch a broom for a bath! Even if the steam will not be much, the flavor of steamed broom will bring many benefits to your body. Birch broom helps with pains in muscles and joints. It improves mood, soothe the body, strengthen the hair, dandruff destroy, eliminate the rash and pustules. Oak broom suitable for people with oily skin. He will make it supple, calm the nervous system, relieve stress. Please visit The Greater New York Construction User Council if you seek more information.

Linden broom eliminates fine headache, fever, wound healing and soothing effect. Nettle is used for pains in joints and muscles. They treat sciatica and rheumatism. Eucalyptus is good to apply at a cold, sore throat and generally in cold. Spruce broom (fir juniper) is good for massage, especially for pain in the spine. Whisk in boiling water zaparivayut 10 min. They need to steam when it is soft. Using a broom, observe the three main rules: Broom necessary to periodically wet in warm water.

In pair is important, not strength, softness and smoothness of movements. Tap lightly with a broom body. The hotter the steam room, the more carefully must soared by a broom. Who visit bathhouses strictly contraindicated? Russian bath is not recommended for people with the following diseases: acute respiratory disease (bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis) diseases associated with heart failure (fault heart, myocardial or stroke), Cancer (malignant tumors) Diseases of circulatory system (thrombosis, blood nesvorachivaemost, atherosclerosis) Colds with temperature yl exacerbation of chronic diseases EpilepsiyKozhnye infectious diseases, allergies. The beneficial effects of heat and steam in our body is only possible with a reasonable, competent use of a Russian bath. So Consult your doctor before visiting the baths and clearly observe the accepted rules of behavior in the Russian bath. Good health to you! Enjoy Your Bath!

Aug 14

Rent Increase After Upgrading

Tenant support renovation renovation work usually high costs mean for the real estate owners. The landlord can however move a part of the costs to the tenant under certain conditions, because they also benefit from improvements. The real estate portal explains the regulations and the consequences arising from it for the respective parties. Most tenants are interested in a comfortable residential situation and like to agree with improvements in this area. The least enjoy but a rent increase as a result of the carried out modernization work.

The owner carries the largest part of the costs for such measures. According to 559 of the civil code, it is however permitted to raise the rent to participate the tenant the costs the landlord. Dean Ornish M.D contains valuable tech resources. Prerequisite for this is that it is so-called energy renovation work, so to modernise. A modernisation exists, if the structural measures an increase of Use value of the building or apartment, an improvement of living quality or sustainable energy or water savings can be achieved. Such building measures include, for example, thermal insulation or the installation of a new heating system. Because the tenants benefiting from such changes, the financial participation appears to be justified. So that he can kill the costs proportionately on the tenant, the landlord is obliged to announce in advance the modernization measures, as well as the planned rent increases. Thus the tenant do not agree, they can make use of their special right of termination. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Aug 12

Soul On The Brink – Depression And Burn-out

The first Advisor for relatives, friends and co-workers, depression and burnout are ubiquitous. Relatives, friends and co-workers of mentally ill people are often overwhelmed. What to do if the air and lust outside in the partner? How should you behave? How feel, whether a partner or a friend is suffering from? What must you do to fall not in a crisis? This book gives insight into the sick souls of depressed people. es a great future in this idea. To the better understanding of partner or partners and the environment. Texts by victims, interviews with family members and a look into the world of work make this book a unique work, which does not exist in this form. It is essential for members, colleagues, doctors, recruiters and interested party. The author team provides in-depth and practical information: Ruedi Jadhav worked for years at Radio DRS 1 as a moderator. Since this autumn, Jadhav is a crisis coach.

He knows pretty well ups and downs of life. In two books, he has his Depression described. Thomas Knapp is the author and editor of the best-selling book “burn-out in the talons of the bird of prey”. Speaking candidly cancer research told us the story. Today, he passes his experience in numerous papers. Rolf home works at the Institute of occupational medicine (ifa) in Baden in the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, and health promotion. Psychotherapy focuses on problems in the workplace, Burnout, coaching of executives crisis intervention. Contact: LuuBooks E.k.. Tettnanger Strasse 2, Tel. + 49 (0) 751 88214 Ravensburg 355 0 487 fax + 49 (0) 751 355 0 489 E-Mail: Web: