Alcoceber A Destination For All

The small coastal town of Alcoceber belongs to the municipality of Alcala de Xivert, in Castellon, and has 10 miles of coast in which route we will also find beaches and Virgin creeks. In a unique environment, this municipality is a holiday paradise in all rule. It is part of the well-known Costa del Azahar, and is well connected to Castellon and Valencia. It is surrounded by natural landscapes and protected areas (such as the Sierra D’irta the Prat de Cabanes). If we have been on vacation, we will find a great variety of apartments in Alcoceber that accommodate us to enjoy its beaches. The town is perfectly adapted to accommodate the more than 70,000 inhabitants that fill its streets in summer, while in winter this small municipality only has 1,000 neighbors. You could say that Alcoceber is the maritime area of Alcala of Xivert.

Well worth a visit this scenic set where you will find a unique contrast between Beach and mountain horizon, what most strikes to the tourists upon arrival. But in addition to observing its Virgin and quiet landscape, tourists are also attracted by the different activities that you can perform in this municipality and its surroundings: Excursions to the Columbretes Islands: volcanic origin, this archipelago is now a nature reserve, which is home to some species that are in danger of extinction (Falcon of Eleonora, Haudouin gull). You can perform different activities on these excursions. Peniscola Castle: with a great history behind it, as it could not be less, this is one of the essential visits if you’ve decided to rent an apartment for your holidays in Alcoceber. Take advantage of the sunset at the Castle and enjoy restaurants and markets in the area at night.

Les Palmes desert: it’s a natural landscape very well communicated by road in which you can enjoy from 3,200 acres of scenic and historical riches. Its highest point is El Bartolo, which rises 729 metres above the sea level. The Sierra de Irta Natural Park: the proximity of this park to Alcoceber allows that there are hiking trails, bicycle or on horseback from the same municipality. It is famous for the beauty of the landforms we see there. Visits to Alcala de Xivert: a very representative of the Levantine culture municipality, and in which you can visit the Santa Lucia chapel or the Church of San Juan Bautista, among other works. Aquatic activities: in Alcoceber Marina you will find a wide variety of activities that can be performed, such as scuba diving or snorkeling, even schools of all types to learn and practice new watersports. owledge. In addition to these there are other excursions, tours and activities in the municipality, making the stay in Alcoceber authentic luxury with fun guaranteed.

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