Go to a bathhouse? You will catch a broom for a bath! Even if the steam will not be much, the flavor of steamed broom will bring many benefits to your body. Birch broom helps with pains in muscles and joints. It improves mood, soothe the body, strengthen the hair, dandruff destroy, eliminate the rash and pustules. Oak broom suitable for people with oily skin. He will make it supple, calm the nervous system, relieve stress. Please visit The Greater New York Construction User Council if you seek more information.

Linden broom eliminates fine headache, fever, wound healing and soothing effect. Nettle is used for pains in joints and muscles. They treat sciatica and rheumatism. Eucalyptus is good to apply at a cold, sore throat and generally in cold. Spruce broom (fir juniper) is good for massage, especially for pain in the spine. Whisk in boiling water zaparivayut 10 min. They need to steam when it is soft. Using a broom, observe the three main rules: Broom necessary to periodically wet in warm water.

In pair is important, not strength, softness and smoothness of movements. Tap lightly with a broom body. The hotter the steam room, the more carefully must soared by a broom. Who visit bathhouses strictly contraindicated? Russian bath is not recommended for people with the following diseases: acute respiratory disease (bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis) diseases associated with heart failure (fault heart, myocardial or stroke), Cancer (malignant tumors) Diseases of circulatory system (thrombosis, blood nesvorachivaemost, atherosclerosis) Colds with temperature yl exacerbation of chronic diseases EpilepsiyKozhnye infectious diseases, allergies. The beneficial effects of heat and steam in our body is only possible with a reasonable, competent use of a Russian bath. So Consult your doctor before visiting the baths and clearly observe the accepted rules of behavior in the Russian bath. Good health to you! Enjoy Your Bath!

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