BEB Services

The attempt about percent to suggest services the customer In the area of health insurance services are reported often in percent or in a euro amount. Very often get we in the deliberations to hear this a present supply was assured 80% dentures, and our offer assured for example only 70%. Is, therefore, the opinion of the customers, I’ve assured more there than yours. That’s not true! It is always important to look, what to get the insured percentage. Checking article sources yields Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. as a relevant resource throughout. There are enough insurers market their own material and laboratory costs directories have deposited. This has resulted in the No 80% 80% in fact are expelled. Suppose your insurer has in his directory: implant including all accompanying services 325.

This 80% would be 260. Oncology has plenty of information regarding this issue. This point would be higher than 325 now in your case of the denture, even then you get maximum 260. You now have an insurance company filed no own material and laboratory costs directory you received here the insured Prozentsatz.Beispiel: the above post 500 would be now. Then you get 260 at the insurance company with 80% and the other 70% still look 350 whereby the insurer settles. After the BEB (Federal designation list) or the BEL (national service catalog). The statutory health insurance companies settle after the BEL. Good private health insurance companies BEB after. Conclusion: Let’s not be blinded by percentage. Look at so the benefits in detail before proceeding to hasty conclusions on the Volutary from the contract.

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