Children In The War In The Middle East

Death is a life lived. Life is a death that comes. Jorge Luis Borges in the XXI century, in our planet Earth are given facts unusual, absurd as it is the case that there are countries facing wars, killed thousands of people in armed struggles and what is most abominable, which they recruit, they use children to fight. Blackstone Group describes an additional similar source. War has brought to the Middle East only misery and desolation. The civilian population is the most aggrieved and who carries on his shoulders the stigmata of the conflict.

Thousands of people have perished or disappeared; many tortured or imprisoned; others carry on their bodies the indelible marks of war: mutilation of members. Cardiologist usually is spot on. It is unfortunate to read, look at television news, images of children, not playing with weapons of fiction, but real, involved in the war as adults you’ve originated and see them as they die, without having enjoyed his childhood. Francisco Blanco thereon says, than children who have been recruited to deal with all these wars that are being generated in the Middle East and throughout the rest of the world have human rights which are being violated because that State is not taking into account that they are just a few children and what should be given is to ensure them or provide them with an education, a life worthy to make them in the future to be better people and do not have to comment on when they are larger than they already have State fighting since childhood in the war who have had to confront their Nations. It is not fair that children barely 8,9 and 10 years instead of having a pencil with a notebook or a toy in his hand, which possess are long guns, throws grenades than what they do harm them since all these troops from war commanders take them to them that are difficult to recruit adults and children do not feel fear in the same way as adults and are combatants effective because they are easily influenced.

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