Children Years

Fears are very common between 2 and 4 years of age and many of them are presented as fear of animals, especially dogs. Around 6 years of age, it is common that children fear the dark, storms or the doctors. Many of these fears will disappear as the child grows and loses his sense of powerlessness. The reasons why feel so many fears in this period of his life, can be found in the intense fantasy that characterizes it, and the inability of children to distinguish the simulated reality. Older children feel other fears. Between 8 and 12 years of age, when they understand the cause and effect relationship, it is likely that they most fear personal injuries and the physical dangers, while between the ages of 4 and 6 may feel fear of the unknown or ugly people. The frightening images of a television program or violent films can help keep their anxieties. Sometimes, children’s imagination makes them feel attacked by an animal or abandoned, however, some of these fears come from real (such as being bitten by a dog) hazard assessment or actual events (when a child has witnessed or been involved in a traffic accident, it is possible to generate fear car or crossing the street).

At this age children have accumulated better knowledge and experience, and know that there are a lot of things which should be feared. (Source: Daryl Katz). It is not entirely clear, because some fears disappear and others persist. Apparently the reactions of adults play an important role in such situations. Parents should accept that the fears are normal, give confidence to children and encourage them to express their fears without ridicule them or punish them. You should not be allowed the children to avoid the object of their fears, because this conduct does not make fear go away. Some children can transform their fears in aggression, however these may emerge otherwise in early childhood. These are the fears and fears more frequent in different moments of childhood: from 0 to 6 months: loss of support, noises from the 7 to 12 months: strangers, height, sudden appearance of menacing objects per year: separation of the parents, injury, toilet, strangers at age 2: dark strong rooms, animal noises, separation from parents, objects or large machines, changes in the personal atmosphere. 3 Years: masks, darkness, animals, separation from parents. 4 To 5 years: night noises, darkness, bodily harm, bad people of the 6 to 8 years: supernatural beings (witches, ghosts), lightning and Thunder, loneliness, personal injury. 9 To 12 years: tests and school testing, school performance, physical appearance, personal injury, death, darkness.

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