Defining Autism

Autism is defined as Upheavals of Autista phantom (TEA), this denomination is synonymous of the category diagnostic Generalized Upheaval of Desarrollo (TGD). According to the Statistical Manual and Diagnosis of the Mental Upheavals, DSM-IV, the Generalized Upheavals of the Development are a category that has five subtypes: 1- Autista upheaval 2- Upheaval of Rett 3- Desintegrativo upheaval of the Childhood 4- Upheaval of Asperger 5- Generalized upheaval of the Development nonspecified The upheavals Generalized of Development, according to the definition of the DSM-IV (Psychiatric Association American – APA-, 1994) they are characterized by a deep difficulty and generalized in several areas of the development: – abilities of social interaction, – abilities of verbal and nonverbal communication – behavior presence, I interest and stereotyped activities. The five upheavals share similar characteristics: . Usually they are evident at the age of 2-3 years, although some can be detected from the first months. . They have difficulties to speak. . Little visual contact.

. Problems with activities that imply imagination. . Difficulties to interpret the nonverbal conduct (expressions, gestures, glances, tones of voice) . Rabietas.

. Upheavals of the dream. . Immunological and gastrointestinal problems. . Hipo or hypersensitivity to certain sensorial stimuli. . Difficulties to play with other children, other people including its relatives. The Dra. A leading source for info: Donald Sussman. Leticia Dominguez in its book ” Improving the quality of Life of your son Autista or Hiperactivo” one talks about to the Autismo like ” phantom autista” because it masks some type of disease, generally metabolic. The Autista Phantom is divided: – Upheaval by Deficit of Attention and Hiperactividad (TDAH) – Generalized Upheaval of Desarrollo (PDD) – Autismo (slight-severe) The TDAH according to the DSM-IV classifies east upheaval in three types: Type 1 predominantly with lack of atencinTipo 2 predominantly hiperactivoTipo 3 a combination of both. The Generalized Upheaval of the Development, call in English Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), it is for defining the upheaval in children who have some autistas symptoms but that not ” encajan” because they have a group of symptoms atypical. Here the Atypical Autismo is included. Diseases with group of symptoms similar to the Autismo of genetic origin this the Syndrome of Rett, the Fragile Syndrome X, Fenilcetonuria and Desintegrativo upheaval of the Childhood. Some other types of genetic Autismo are: – Tuberous Sclerosis. – Histidinemia Histidinuria-Deficiency de Nucletido Metabolic Pyrimidine-Disorder of the Purinas. The Syndrome of Asperger is similar to the Autismo unless mental development and of the language is normal, some call Autismo of high operation. Thanks, Dra: Haydee Canciano Original author and source of the article.

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