Dyslexia/LRS – A Small Introduction To The Topic

What is dyslexia and what is LRS – where are the differences? \”Are our children\”My child can not read\”\”My can not correctly write\”maybe dumb?\” \”How can I help my child?\” If parents notice that your child has problems in the areas of reading and writing, a world seems to break together and you know for the time being no Council. How can this be just, what did we do wrong – the first thoughts are often… Further details can be found at Preventive Medicine Research Institute, an internet resource. Talks with teachers are further steps that will be undertaken. But unfortunately, the relief effort on the part of the school seem to be not always sufficient and you are looking for a meaningful extra-curricular support. But there come many parents at the borders, because the funding offer is so diverse and regulations are as diverse. To make matters worse, that each State has different regulations. Often is also too quickly decided on the \”service provider\”, for which parent wants is not an immediate promotion? But here, care is necessary, because, unfortunately also exist in this area many providers, which are insufficiently familiar with the subject matter and more bent on fast money. This guide will answer your questions about the problems of dyslexia/LRS and represent funding opportunities with your child again gets fun at the school and the learning.

How perceives a legasthenen / LRS child she is? Children who are affected by a dyslexia undergo often difficult situations in the school and family environment. The services, provided the children are very high, even though the interest in the school and good services are available. A high amount of energy is needed to meet the academic requirements, particularly in the field of writing and reading. The concentration declines rapidly, although the will is there to follow the lesson. The affected child can no longer pursue the subject matter and must focus as strongly on, correctly ascribed by the Panel.

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