European Shorthair Breed

Nature of the active, dynamic and playful cat, a great "hunter". With home education becomes soft and quiet nature. European shorthair cat lover perfectly fits the natural beauty and will become his master and loving and active companion. Care With short hair cat, this breed does not require special care. Owner is sometimes enough to comb wool, but in the molting season is better to do it every day. Features breed standards recognized not all feline organizations and virtually unknown outside of Europe. The head is broad skull length is slightly larger than the width gives the impression of rounding. To read more click here: Cardiologist.

Nose straight, medium length, smooth throughout. Profile with a distinct transition. The neck is medium length, muscular. Ears of medium size, with slightly rounded tips. There are brushes. Set wide and almost vertical. The height of the ear almost equal to its width at the base.

Rounded eyes wide open, set wide, slightly angled. Eye color should be uniform and harmonizing with coat color. Body from mid-sized to large, strong, muscular but not too compact, and flexible. The rib cage is round, well-developed. Strong strong limbs of medium length, tapering evenly to dense round paws. Tail of medium length, wide at the base, slightly tapers to a rounded tip. Coat Short, dense, thick, shiny. Colors are not recognized following colors in any combination: chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn (including tabby, bicolor, tricolor), as well as colors colorpoint. All other colors are recognized. Disadvantages Any signs of interbreeding with other breeds. General view of the European Shorthair (Celtic), corresponds to the type of cat is the average of the European domestic cat, which has developed naturally, ie without deliberate cultivation. It is believed that the ideal celtic cat is free from impurities other breeds.

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