Flier Culture Theory

And for this reason, when we feel the bitter taste of the fruit in beginning of its development, we do not perceive this as a flaw or defect of the fetus, because everyone knows the reason – the fruit has not yet completed the process of development. And in relation to the present: if something seems imperfect, it is is a testament to the fact that today we are still in a transition phase and we see the final phase of development. After analyzing the stages in the development of civilization, you may find that they are all forced and committed to the team, laid down in the information generation, a chain of internal development of human desires. Inner nature and external factors have caused mankind to act according to design algorithms behavior. Nature has placed us between pleasure and pain, and we are not free to choose or dismiss the suffering of enjoyment. Increasing human selfishness causes the internal pressure, the need to fill it.

Here is the need to be filled, and it dictates further social forms. At this level of development of society is not able to give a person the answer to his highest spiritual need, which leads to a deadlock, the destabilization system, which is needed breakthrough to a new level of development. This process and caused a global crisis, which is essentially a crisis of development. So, our development of a deterministic mechanism for disclosure and update the internal needs and desires. However, nature is the possibility of freedom of choice. The nature of the potential allows us to take control of the said law of development, and controlled, speeding up the process will, freely and independently of the passage of time. We see that there are two forces acting in the development process: One – "the power of nature" that guarantees the development of a slow and painful way, when the object development "are suffering while under the steamroller of development.

other – "human power", which is the control of civilization over the mentioned law development. The man has an opportunity to significantly accelerate achievement of the last perfect stage. In other words, humanity – in the hands of the right to the end of his maturation and bug fixes. Taking the law into their own hands of people able to turn the negative properties of positive. This means that they need to pay attention to the properties of their selfish and start to turn them into altruistic. Since then, the achievement of the highest stage of development depends on the willingness of the people themselves. References: 1. Arshinov vi, Lightman, M, Svirsky Frenkel. Sephiroth cognition. M, urrs 2007. 2. Click Les Turner ALS Foundation to learn more. Kovalev vi, Davydov, On the limits of technotronic civilization. () 3. Laszlo, E., M. Laitman Tower of Babel – the last stage. M., 2007. 4. s more light on the discussion. M. Laitman, Rozin Kabbalah in the context of history and modernity. M., urrs 2005. 5. Mamardashvili mk As I understand the philosophy. M., 1992. S. 107-121 6. Maslow and B. Psychology of Being. M., 1997. 7. Maslow A B. Further limits of the human psyche. SPb., 1997. 8. Prigogine, I. Stengers, Order out of chaos. 1999 9. Rogers, C. A look at psychotherapy. Becoming a man. Moscow: Progress, 1998. 10. Sorokin.P.A. People. Civilization. Society. 1992, M. Politizdat 11. Toynbee, ad Study of History. 12. ay Flier Culture Theory, instead of historical materialism. Social Sciences and Modernity. 1993. 2. S. 135-139. 13. Frankl V. Man's Search for Meaning. M., 1990 14. Jaspers, K. The origins of the story and its meaning.

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