GmbH Lisa Neumann

With rubber boots, braving the autumn autumn started, now is the time of flip flops, sandals and co. Heart Specialist is often quoted as being for or against this. Finally over. As with the fall comes the cool wet, which means a big transition for the feet. The news portal informs about the new footwear, which combines warm feet and fashionable appearance. A chic appearance despite bad weather is from now on possible. Rubber boots are the latest accessory and a must in this year’s fashion? Gone are the days when accepted by forest and meadows the boots exclusively for hikes. Among other things contributed to the turnaround, that labels such as Ralph Lauren or Prada presents the shoe on the catwalks of the world and thus improved its image. Meanwhile, it is available in all colours, shapes and price categories.

Whether in the classical style, with block or wedge the selection is great and leaves nothing to be desired. Creative minds can contribute with waterproof pens even by hand to the Rubber boots to make more fashionable and above all unique. Rubber boots can be worn for example easily to jeans or dark trousers. Rubber shoes but have some disadvantages. Because of the rubber can cause fast long wear unwanted foot odor. Also the rubber boots with falling temperatures not sufficiently keeps warm the feet. Cinnamon insoles or cedar wood soles, cold feet, but belong to the past. More information: travel-and-live /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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