From the couch potato to the endurance athlete with ELAN for the marathon as one also successfully rises over 40 of the couch – or what do I need to run a marathon! Past: At the age of 41 was directed my life like that of many others: morning get up, drive to work, tear off 8 hours, go home, dinner, give the daughter a good night Kiss, often TV and then to bed – day in – day out – change only on the weekends, usually with alcohol at parties consisted… Fact was: the inner pig dog had me firmly in the grip of sport is murder was my guiding principle at most before the TV sport for me was adequate entertainment. Yes and smoking I was even, what erschwerendd I realized, as I climb up on a customer visit 7 floors on foot musste…es not much went 5 stock after the and I drew the opposite conclusion: “you’ve got to do something, otherwise soon not much. Well, it has thought everyone ever the difficulty is as always in life in the implementation! It took several weeks to even something moving. With the purchase of a cross trainer, I wanted to counteract my unfitness, but quickly lost the desire it because the stupid run as the “Hamster in the roller cage” not really ffur the soul was conducive. So, I came me to buy running shoes to try out jogging on the idea. The first run was devastating after approx.

2,000 meters, the air was at the end and I was close to the attack, so I thought at least. Despite these first impressions I like walking in the fresh air and I strengthened the jogging slowly and steadily… It was already 3 months, until I was able to run in a “pain-free” and the lungs provided got more clean air as tar smoke (I had quit now) and it worked better from week to week… Present: 1.5 years I am now almost every night as Rangers active and could constantly expand my reach. I have in the course of time completely changed my eating habits and put for the endurance also targeted on sports nutrition, a good friend from Vienna had recommended to me. This resulted in a performance increase, I would not so quickly can achieve with normal food. Then last fall the biggest success – I ran my first half marathon to the finish! Future: This year I will run a marathon – whether in Berlin or elsewhere I’ll decide spontaneously!

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