Higher Education In Switzerland

What is he, a modern young man? Purposeful and confident, sometimes naive, but always open, and already knows what to want out of life. Such people come to us with questions about access to higher education for abroad. And glad that they ask questions not because they just want to know, but because they want to act! What is to offer the most ambitious and most self-confidence? What country, what kind of education? Similarly, Switzerland! Word of the application "Swiss" does not require advertising. For example, a bank (in this segment of life I have that word is not credible, and you?), And Swiss bank – is another matter! Or watch – as you think, what the most accurate? A Swiss chocolate – um-m! Switzerland – synonymous with prestige and quality … Higher education abroad? Be sure to Switzerland! But what, apart from prestige, famous Swiss higher education? How to get it? And that this may happen? With these and other issues we have addressed directly to a representative of the Swiss business school DCT and Alpine Center in eastern Europe, Irina Georgieva. For questions about higher education in Switzerland, people come to different age, with different levels of education: boys and girls, just graduated from school, and people who already have higher education. So the first question – who designed training program in Switzerland? Over the past 25 years have seen sustainable development of tourism and hospitality industry in Switzerland. And not for no longer a secret that this is one of the largest sectors of the economy, which brings huge profits and provides jobs. Given the large number career opportunities that exist and the lack of well-trained and skilled personnel to work in a constantly opened hotel-tourism enterprises around the world, young boys and girls come study in the Swiss Alpine Center and School of DCT, to continue to build a career in this wonderful industry, which guarantees employment.

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