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Curtains are an element of decorative type mainly responsible for decrease the visual of a place from the outside towards the inside. Daryl Katz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The curtains are built in various types of material such as fabric, silk, canvas, cloth and plastic, you are can offer a great variety of utilities. Curtains begin their development in ancient Rome and Egypt, where the preparation of objects as layers gave rise to curtains, these were used by emperors and Pharaohs, for cover from the Sun’s rays when they were in their residence or actual balconies. The breakthrough which had curtains was given in the middle ages, where they represented the social status of those who possessed them, thanks to its elaboration in fabrics like cloth and gold thread, without comment on the inclusion of very luxurious items such as precious stones, this represented the riches of who owned them. Today although the curtains do not mean the social status of a person, they can refer to the glamour and class that possesses a person. Today the development of the curtains has allowed these should be divided into several types, some of them are: curtain mosquito net: are the curtains designed with the purpose of avoiding insects such as gnats among others come into our homes, usually these curtains are used in camping and outdoor places, but they are now also placed curtains mosquito nets in Windows and wedges.

Decorative curtains: they are designed as its name indicates it to decorate, they are usually made of classical materials and colors to give a sober aspect to the place where they are located, these curtains can be defined in three classes mainly curtains panels, coffee and bands. Curtains for the bathroom: they are made in order to repel water, these are usually made of plastic. Although the number of uses and types of curtains can be many more, these are the most known and used today. A good statement that can be made, is that curtains are the mother of other elements very similar to this, as they are the Roman blinds and Venetian blinds, which are elements that you go hand in hand with the curtains. Curtains are also an element of vital importance in some areas such as decoration, as its great variety of materials, sizes and colors make this this catalogued as a main part of all decoration, since without it the appearance would be very simple. As you can see the curtains have been of vital importance in the development of humanity, without commenting that they currently play a fundamental role in areas so applied as decoration. So now when redecorating our home or simply want to give you another aspect, the curtains are presented before us as one of the best options to meet our goal. Original author and source of the article

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