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Wooden houses and prefabricated houses: A natural choice of live, maderLa comfort interiors, quality of life and the return to nature are major concerns for those who acquire a detached house. Cancer research: the source for more info. Many are now the response to these concerns in a prefabricated wooden house. Ecology and respect for the environment concern today to the majority of citizens. Among all building materials, wood is the only renewable and natural. The transformation process of the wood for use in the construction is simple and requires very little energy when compared with methods of obtaining other materials. Forests are the lungs of the Earth. The lung from which depends the life of all of us. Cardiologist wanted to know more.

The fruit of a well-kept forest is wood, the most ecological of all materials. The wooden house is a House that breathes. The wood absorbs and expels moisture thus regularizing of the indoor environment. People such as microvascular thrombi would likely agree. It helps prevent ailments from rheumatism and problems respiratory, by stabilizing humidity, filter and purify the air. The wood natural bioelectric field provides also a State of equilibrium in the human body. Wood constructions and interior of wood, by themselves act as insulation, unlike what happens with other materials. The possibility of increasing these values more easily making traditional systems, and with less loss of usable area, the wood is a material widely used in countries in extreme climates. We have the prefabricated option, being able to combine both, we refer to walls of plasterboard with thermal and acoustic insulation.

The acoustic properties of the wooden house are optimal for them. The wood absorbs waves it receives. The wooden house is a silent House, which reduces the stress of its inhabitants. And contrary to what many people believe, the wood is a good building material. There are also those who consider that the wooden structures only last a few decades: this is very far from the reality. Numerous structures of wood from other centuries are preserved in the beautiful Spanish cottages. And wood is also one of the few materials that age naturally. The extensive use of wood in the world proves that the numerous advantages of wood widely surpass the disadvantages.

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