Long-term Perspectives For The Monument Protection

Nonetheless have future old building in history not just of their own story telling if you look closer,. Facade ornaments, stucco, old floorboards and railings are relics of a bygone era, who can provide information about how people lived during this time and they were shaped by what cultural influences. Monuments tell not only the story of architecture, but also of people who lived during this time. This knowledge should be to keep something in the history books for generations can be written. When is a building listed? Listed real estate are listed in a special list of cultural monuments. They are subject to the monument protection act which is individually formulated for each State. Buildings which are listed in such a list, must be preserved as cultural monuments. Hear from experts in the field like Barbara Martin Coppola for a more varied view.

No buyer who renovated the building, found the State must undertake this task. Therefore the State rewards investors, the a grade II listed property purchase and renovate with significant tax benefits. Financial advantages for investors investing in historic properties is long no longer a secret tip. Continuous rental income and long-term yields are a good and predictable provision for old age. Who high-quality refurbished a grade II listed building and thus receives in the value in the long term, or even increases, can deduct for 12 years the costs to 100%. In times of economic crisis, shares as a form of investment are unpopular. The profits from the sale of a grade II listed property are exempt from the 10th year.

The 2009 introduced flat tax does not apply here. Monument is asset protection! Long-term perspectives with IMMOVARIA GmbH Nurnberg are people today and also in the future to housing. Subsoil is more expensive and the need of the people developed more and more towards individualisation. Many people want a House of themselves to realize rod, but a real estate, where. Who a renovation-needy monument real estate buys, needs a competent and reliable partner on the side. Because the high quality of the rehabilitation is as important as the location of the property. After many successful years of business, the IMMOVARIA GmbH in Nuremberg has made a name in the renovation and revitalization of Monument-protected real estate. So the Bill goes up, the substance of the building as well as the witnesses on the inside and on the facade for the future through expert restoration work must be preserved? Sven Langbein, Managing Director of IMMOVARIA GmbH, Nuremberg maintains therefore a close cooperation with customers, authorities and contractors specializing in conservation. So Sven can implement high-quality and within defined time frame Langbein projects around the monument. Sven LADI Immovaria GmbH, Nuremberg

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