Madrid Rock

Stealing hangers from the hotel is the generic title of the tour the Group Extremoduro opens in Seville on 8 September.Sevilla opens the tour Extremoduro will be, therefore, and according to the announcement of the band, the single concert in Andalusia. The Group has submitted the tour with a novel wheel of questions all in your web page, whose answers will be published in this space. Stealing the tour hotel hangers will continue in Valencia, Murcia, Madrid (in the Festival live), Barcelona, Caceres, Bilbao and A Coruna. Professor Roy Taylor describes an additional similar source. Tickets for all dates of the tour are on sale since last May 16, while the band is still working on their new Studio album. Extremoduro is a Spanish rock founded in 1987 in Plasencia. They themselves have defined his style as transgressive rock though it is often categorized as urban rock. Recently The University of Chicago sought to clarify these questions.

The founder, leader, vocalist and guitarist is Robe Iniesta, who has been the only stable member throughout its history, although Inaki Anton Uoho, Basque guitarist and producer began his collaboration with the group in 1993 integrating gradually up to be the most active member along with his own Robe. Complete training Miguel Colino on bass and Jose Ignacio Cantera to the battery. It is considered by many music magazines as one of the best bands in rock in Spanish history. Many Spanish authors are inspired by them, or have been shown publicly his admiration.

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