Mendoza Hotel

Considered Mendoza hotel 5 stars and with the best luxury, as much for the tourists as for the industralists, is the one that allows us to know the province and to enjoy the cosmopolitan capital, soon to arrive, to rest and to recover forces to continue with the adventure. The hotels of Mendoza must like general norm be around the highest international standards, but this hotel surpasses in particular them by the quality of the services that offers to its guests. Who arrive at a hotel five stars like Diplomatic, they try the possibility of resting or of making specific some business, but besides knowing the secrets Mendoza, essentially on wines, the warehouses and the natural landscapes more provokers and magnificent magnificent Provokers and, because some travellers try to conquer of the Aconcagua, although more are not to arrive at their feet to delight of their reign. The way to the Aconcagua in Mendoza, will take by incredible sites like the Bridge of the Inca or the mountain inns to us where we will know histories and legend the mountain climbers who are tried " to touch the ceiling of mundo" Another one of the secrets of Mendoza is the wine production and the tradition that turns about this, molding so much the life of the provincials like the landscape of great sectors of the territory. The warehouses mendocinas are known anywhere in the world, and if you consider a fan to the wine, hospedarte in a hotel where the decoration of the rooms turns around the Argentine grape and wine growing and exist courses exclusively so that the tourists learn to taste wines, can maximize your visit to the province. In this hotel of luxury, that encuentraz to twelve minutes of distance of the Airport the International Francisco Gabrielli, counts on 178 denominated rooms of which the Diplomatic and Corner can be asked for, at the time of the reserve, in the Wine Floor, a space dedicated to the Argentine grape and wine growing, scenery with pictures and Literature on the history of the wine and with a bottle of courtesy that will be able to be enjoyed regional products.

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