Navigation Equipment For The Auto – Route Planner Price Check

Route planner – what to make sure the price comparison? Route planner for the car – who has the choice, spoilt! Navigation devices for the car are popular nowadays a growing. The route planner for the car have made road transport a revolution at the orientation. Instead of the laborious searching in old maps, the best route is communicated to now motorists via voice communication on the navigation device. An increasing part of the driver uses the route-planner for the car for longer distances, or even in the everyday rush to go from A to B as quickly as possible. When searching on the Internet presents an almost infinite range of differently equipped Routenplanter for the car. Therefore buyers, up which is also a route planner for your car purchase would, often stumped before a confusing variety of corresponding offers. The manufacturers do not bring the buying decision devices with new additional functions on the market almost in every week, what just makes it easier. New customers feel often overwhelmed when buying a navigation device.

The questions, what additional functions the route planners are essential, and which manufacturers are especially recommended making especially himself. The prices of the units vary often significantly. The route planner for the car are available for 100 euros, there are also devices that are priced above $300. So, a Navigator can be found, where the value for money, a comprehensive price is necessary to check the route planners. What should check have to be taken at the price? So that the price comparison in the route planners for the car can be performed also makes sense, new customers should know what Ausstatungsmerkmale can you expect from a good navigation device in the price range between 100 and 200 euros. This should be taken into consideration, that the waiver on certain additional functions such as messages from congestion messages per minute or up-to-date information about Google, already contributes to a substantial price savings when buying a route planner. Up-to-date maps are especially decisive for a good navigation device in the medium price range. Latest maps software, for example, ensures that it due to by new road changes not to run a route messages carried out while driving comes.

Ever larger is better, the maps with a route planner. It’s worth when compared the navigation devices to make sure that the memory card software contains other continents, but at least all European States, as maps. Most manufacturers offer corresponding updates but also for directions that are already in the trade longer, so a longer unit is by no means obsolete. has to say. The most mobile route planner are today also with the so-mentioned traffic message channel (short: TMC) equipped. Through the TMC additional feature information about traffic jams, detours or roadblocks can be received by the route planner. The Navi unit then match this information with the selected track, and informs the driver in traffic alternative routes. Well-known manufacturers such as TomTom or Medion have good route planner in the middle price segment in the offer are Standardly equipped with the functions described.

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