Neukolln Quilts

“The big comedy day the 24.09 in the ‘Gropius Passagen’ in the Gropiusstadt is there on September 24 to like in the nonsense Comedy Club because Markus Maria singer, instructor Schmidt, Olaf King, the Berlin step into skis and Emmi & Willnowsky prove in the Gropius passages” once again their comedic and entertaining talent and make people laugh. Mensch Markus!”it says on the last weekend in September on the big comedy stage in the atrium of the Gropius Passagen”. For more specific information, check out Medical massage, New Orleans. Not only Markus Maria Profitlich when the first big comedy day stand-uppen”and present excerpts from its current program. Also welcome trainers Schmidt demonstrates his evil, refreshing Ernie “-performance.” This year, it celebrates its 10-year existence as cheap trainers, which throws always bluntly and with surprisingly powerful answers to everyday questions to have been dealing. “From many classic and highlights have become, of which some in the Gropius Passagen” will show. If there is no eye stays dry, instructor Schmidt was hopefully not too hard to its guests! What: there is a broad laugh around the ears also at the step into skis. In Berlin they have now blossomed into a real number. The tap dance comedy show of the two ladies is a musical thriller, the duo was thus already underway in many German cities.

Now, Gerda and Gisela show passages in the Gropius”their wild and crazy show! In a such a spectacular comedy day also wife Emmi & Mr Willnowski should not be missing, the hilarious comedian Dou that caused abdominal pain in her past for lots of laughter! Christoph Dompke and Christian Willner are known in the whole country for their funny television and stage appearances. The program leads entertainment talent and Parodist Olaf King, always happy to take on other roles. So he played well-known figures such as Otto, Elvis, Heino, Roberto Blanco and Rudi Carrell and always provided for exuberant mood among his audience and loyal fans. Confidently, he will lead as mood cannon through the program and to moderate his comedy peers. “The comedy day in the Gropius Passagen” begins on September 24 at 13:45 with the welcome address by King Olaf and ends at approximately 21:15. While all comedians each deliver a one-hour show. The entrance is free! “” The big comedy day in the Gropius passages “on September 24, 2011 from 13:45 to 21:15 location: Atrium of the Gropius passages” is free of charge!

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