Ostara – Witches Celebrate Fertility

Why old customs today are important before of the Christianization of the people in Europe Ostara is celebrated at the Mar 21. It was a celebration of fertility and showed the joy of spring. Eggs and rabbits were important symbols. Ostara was the goddess of fertility, which turned the Festival. People perceived that the days were longer again. It lived again in nature. So pleased that the long winter days, which were often associated with hunger and want, were finally over, the people celebrated the first Festival of fertility.

Red eggs and rabbits showed up as icons, flowers and candles Parisians of the new life force. Today, our years and days have less structure. Electric lights and central heating make life drab and shapeless. Everything is always possible. We would do well to look at the natural rhythm of the seasons us, to feel movement active in our lives. Heythomate is a community of men and women, who wants to transfer these old ways of life in modern everyday life. 8 witches celebrations be celebrated together and we have each other us the natural processes there, when we again threaten to sink in everyday life. We get our soul fit, because already in the ancient times, people knew that in addition to exercise, nutrition, and other things also a basic order is important, to lead a healthy and happy life. Stefanie Gandy

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