Pedicure Tool

When buying a manicure and pedicure tools, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the metal from which the instrument is made. A good metal can be easily distinguished from a poor naked eye. Do not buy the most cheap tool. These clippers or scissors do not serve you for a long time. And do not skimp on the protective covers for cutting parts, and for the entire instrument. Over time, there is a problem with the fact that the tool blunts and requires sharpening. And to find a professional master sharpener or so easy. Therefore, we offer you some tips that will prolong the sharpening of your instrument and his life: manicure tools, always place the blade up, and not down.

Do not throw the clippers and cuticle scissors on a hard surface, the tips may die. And, of course, try not to drop the tool, it almost always leads to deformation of the functional parts of the instrument. Avoid contact instruments with each other in the cutting part to avoid blunting the edges. Carry the tool with wearing caps and special covers, or wrap each tool separately in a soft cloth. Read additional details here: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. Do not tap and do not try to get out of the tool bits of the nail plate or cuticle of another tool.

This will damage both. At your fingertips should always be soft, dry cloth. Regularly replace it on the net. a> offers on the topic.. Do not overuse solution for disinfection. This leads to a rapid blunting. Try to sterilize manicure and pedicure instrument sterilizers in benign and do not forget it there. Be sure to wash after using the tool running water and then dry it (preferably dry). If necessary, lubricate with oil the blade and the joint tool. It is best suited for this conventional motor oil, which can be purchased at any Auto shop. Do not store the tools in damp or humid place – the metal is very sensitive to moisture and temperature changes. Never use a tool for other purposes. Do not try to sharpen tool. If you need a sharpening tool, refer only to a qualified-sharpener. Remember kutikulnye tweezers, scissors, nail clippers and other tools required careful use and maintenance. Follow our advice, be careful with the tool, and it will last you a long time.

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