Private Health Insurance

A PKV again significant advantages, but also some disadvantages more and more people about a change devise the legal in private health insurance after. No wonder finally offers private health insurance (short: PKV) significant advantage for the insured. Just listed some of the benefits: free of doctor and hospital choice accommodation in a single or twin room in the hospital no equity participation of insured medicines higher refunds for visual aids such as glasses and contact lenses no limitation on the legal services insurance cover abroad including contribution refund for failure to use of insurance services of course differ the various services tariff to tariff and from insurer to insurer. A tariff is exclusive and it contains more services, even this point is more expensive. Additional benefits of for private health insurance are that insurance premiums be not calculated according to gross income but depending on the age, Health and gender are. Also, the applicant through the selected services can determine with the contribution and to partly decide how much money one saves it. So many benefits, like a cheap private health insurance also has, she are not everyone is open. In contrast to the legal funds, where virtually anyone can make sure only certain groups can apply in the PKV.

This includes self-employed workers and officials, students, who have passed the age of 25 and betteroff workers. An employee wants to go because private health insurance, must lie within three years of the insurance limit, which currently is 49.500, and it must be foreseeable that this income is achieved in the coming years. As soon as the income is below this limit drops, an employee must back in the statutory health insurance. No matter for what type of health insurance you choose at the end, it is important in the run-up to an independent financial adviser to turn on. Also at least 40 insurers should be compared in the section, to find the best insurance and an ideal rate.

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