Professional Resources

1.Suschestvuyut regional sites that provide free accommodation summary candidates. 2.Krupnye federal resources that provide free accommodation summary:,,, etc. Separately, you can note the website, intended for placement students and graduates. 3. Websites offering paid services for professionals, job seekers: resume writing help, resume translation into foreign languages, making Video interviews, an automated mailing list for recruitment agencies and placement summaries on other sites and message boards, for example,,. 4.Sayty state and local government organizations, regional service employment.

5.Sayty companies through which the applicant can indicate their interest to work in a particular company directly. 6.Razlichnye blogs, thematic forums and social networks. Recently, the use of data Resources for job searching is becoming popular, especially for narrow-profile specialists. The thematic forums and communities likely to sell their services is high. Among the social networks, in addition to all known "", "" and "My Circle", we can note the draft social network of professional acquaintances, as well as the recently launched project "Business Network for Professionals. For managers, there professional community 7.Rekomendatelnye network, where experts in various fields of business and professional recruiters recommend the best talent for open positions of companies. In the case of a successful closing Jobs, the company pays in advance referee announced a reward for the candidate. In Russia, the service appeared relatively recently and presented by such projects as:, 8.Pomimo employment for professionals there is a possibility as a freelance, who with the development of the Internet is becoming more urgent. You may find Dean Ornish M.D to be a useful source of information.

Freelance is the business of an expert to provide them with professional services without leaving home or office. If you're a programmer, designer, journalist, photographer, translator, consultant, etc., are placed in the Internet your page, you can take and fulfill orders, regardless of the geography of the customer. There special resources, where you can create a page and to place their proposals and portfolios. The main drawback of freelancing is that the earnings of "free artist" are usually unstable. A decent income depends, in Specifically, the experience and ability to bring their customers the best hand. But most importantly, what is attractive telework – the ability of multilateral self-development, freedom of choice is constant and independent organization his time. The most popular resources is,,,. Statistics show that visits to Internet resources, the number of people using the above-mentioned areas is growing. Therefore, an output for traditional agencies is transformed from a consultant and broker in selling their knowledge and experience in recruiting and training staff. Otherwise – you can close the office.

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