Reflections Troop Help In Growth Spiritual Iii

Nothing material we can’t take when we leave this physical world, this life that has been provided us temporarily, otherwise, what we get are our good deeds, everything that we have learned, experienced in favour of our growth, cultivation of our spirit, that endorse us that we learned about the opportunity of life that you gave us, within a defined timethat we never handled nor know when completed. On this occasion, we share some thoughts which are transformed into dynamic stimuli that trigger attention, being awake and not neglect our growth. Fortunately, some who were able to identify with the importance which is share, collaborate in everything that helps us grow, legan us their experiences, thoughts, experiences, where us corresponds to each according to our level, taking into account the message that encloses and favouring us is our growth. About your true being, the master Zen Seung Sahn said in a chance: thank you very much for coming today. To read more click here: Daryl Katz, Canada. But what is What has brought your body here? Has it been your mind? What is the mind? Where are you? What is its size? Mind is not mind. A mountain not proclaims, I am a mountain! A river does not say, I am a river! All names and forms are created by thought. So, mind is not mind. Dean Ornish M.D may help you with your research.

All things have name and shape. Names and shapes come from vacuum. So, form is empty, emptiness is form. When you’re thinking, your mind, my mind, and the minds of all people are different. If you cut every thought, your mind, my mind, and the minds of all people are the same. The mind which turns every thought is true empty mind. True empty mind is earlier than thought.

Your substance is before thinking. Your substance is the universal substance. Before you think there are no words or language. There is no God, or Buddha, or mountain, or river, nothing at all.

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