When a relationship is finished comes the world over. All have suffered ever for love and therefore know what I’m talking about. It happens that after a longer or shorter period of coexistence or maintain a relationship of courtship, ends the relationship and not easy for any two members of the couple. But who suffers more, which leaves or which is left?. Throughout my experience as a psychologist I have seen a wide variety of situations of separation, both people who have gathered enough forces to ask your partner a separation, and people who have had to take to stop them without that they would like to get to that end.

And although in both cases it goes bad, the quality of the anguish suffered is different. Overall I can say that the person who raises the separation firm when the other person not agrees, live difficult moments during the time where the is evaluating that possibility. You should assess whether it is more advantageous to medium and long-term dispense with its current partner while in a principle is painful. Once has decided to make a solid approach to rupture, be subjected to the pressure is going to make the other person by the continuity and that is not easy because it can happen that the other Member of the couple refers to emotional blackmail, give another point of view, cry or do you appreciate aspects of the relationship that has not taken into account. Therefore, if you are evaluating raising the end of a relationship, take into account everything said and do not say anything categorical until not be absolutely clear that you want to finish. The person who leaves will live a difficult situation before considering it and if it’s something probably meditated live better after exposure to her partner and having left the relationship. The feeling after finishing with a relationship that didn’t satisfy you makes to live life with a freedom and without the feeling of burden that you had before.

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