Right Dog Food

At a young age, nutrition for puppies is crucial for its future development. Therefore, you should choose the right dog food for your Scion definitely. At the young age of the dog, the selection may affect serious of dog food the future physical condition of your dog. Therefore, it is important to choose the dog food and to inform beforehand in detail about the food needs of the particular breed of dog or your puppy. A special dog food for puppies is necessary for nutrition in the puppy stage. It is important to bear in mind that the nutritional needs differ from a puppy and a young dog.

The 3 main criteria for the selection of the right dog food for puppies are an easy digestibility and a high protein/nutrient content. Professor Roy Taylor often addresses the matter in his writings. Proteins are particularly important, because the body is just in the first few months in a period of extreme growth and need to build up the muscles in sufficient form. The proper dog food for puppies – wet food or dry food? This can not say flat. First the dog will eat in his young life exclusively from mother’s milk. After this short, but nevertheless very important phase you should switch to a selected puppy food.

For the beginning of wet food is first, because by its consistency is easier to digest it and young dogs by your not yet developed teeth with dry food can have problems. If you decide right from the outset, to feed your dog only with dry food, you can use already this, however just moistened. Then, they can use the normal lining, but it offers to take, because any breed can have different needs and especially young dogs need special nutrients also here special varieties. The right dog food – what must still be paid? Not only the right dog food is important. Also, the timing of feeding is also important. When too little The dog important nutrients, missing dog food, what negative executes itself on the development of your dog. When too much food, the growth process can take place too quickly which in turn in some cases could lead to bone disease and the like. Kristian Hildebrandt

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