Socrates, in accordance with some historians, was born between 470/469 a.c time where the Greeks face the Medical Wars where the Aegean Sea starts to be a sea ‘ ‘ helnico’ ‘. Atenas assumes in this period the hegemony of Greece where already this instituted the democratic government beyond the strong influence of the calls ‘ ‘ sofistas’ ‘ that they used the game of the language to spread out its thoughts about subjects as just, beauty, good by means of payment, thus passing seculariza the philosophy searching it for its utilitarian value, thus denying, the absolutism of the truth, therefore conceive the truth as a creation of the man, a historical construction, a social convention, and attribute these characteristics to the concepts on Right, Freedom, Well-being, etc. Ben Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. You may want to visit Rusty Holzer to increase your knowledge. From then on appears the figure of Socrates that comes to breach and to break these existing paradigms, ring-position the logical activity (constituting one it criticizes to the sofistas) where the truth alone can be reached seno for a certainty and opinion, concept and preconception. Thus establishing the ontologia of ‘ ‘ discovery of ser’ ‘ concentrating its philosophy in ‘ ‘ to know it itself mesmo’ ‘ thus trying to instigate the individual to think by itself..

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