Soul On The Brink – Depression And Burn-out

The first Advisor for relatives, friends and co-workers, depression and burnout are ubiquitous. Relatives, friends and co-workers of mentally ill people are often overwhelmed. What to do if the air and lust outside in the partner? How should you behave? How feel, whether a partner or a friend is suffering from? What must you do to fall not in a crisis? This book gives insight into the sick souls of depressed people. es a great future in this idea. To the better understanding of partner or partners and the environment. Texts by victims, interviews with family members and a look into the world of work make this book a unique work, which does not exist in this form. It is essential for members, colleagues, doctors, recruiters and interested party. The author team provides in-depth and practical information: Ruedi Jadhav worked for years at Radio DRS 1 as a moderator. Since this autumn, Jadhav is a crisis coach.

He knows pretty well ups and downs of life. In two books, he has his Depression described. Thomas Knapp is the author and editor of the best-selling book “burn-out in the talons of the bird of prey”. Speaking candidly cancer research told us the story. Today, he passes his experience in numerous papers. Rolf home works at the Institute of occupational medicine (ifa) in Baden in the fields of psychotherapy, coaching, and health promotion. Psychotherapy focuses on problems in the workplace, Burnout, coaching of executives crisis intervention. Contact: LuuBooks E.k.. Tettnanger Strasse 2, Tel. + 49 (0) 751 88214 Ravensburg 355 0 487 fax + 49 (0) 751 355 0 489 E-Mail: Web:

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