Sri Lanka, An Animal Breakfast

From grim and leisure travellers, relaxing guests. Sri Lanka’s animals will get to see them in almost every Sri Lanka vacation part of it. There were first of all to see the funny Sri Lanka Palm Horn of Funambulus palmarum everywhere and of course at big and small she are popular, until one morning before the window has. There are those who would like to shoot this little sweet things, because they really make noise. It sounds as if a bird in the same shrill manner would call. As soon as they stop comes the feeling of joy and bliss, pure relaxation so.

But think this is not the end but just a break yet, upside down Papa sitting squirrel at the root of the coconut tree and cries out the lungs from the neck, all Palm squirrel need to hear that he is already awake girls in the area. Much too soon awakened, sullen with grim faces the tourists at the breakfast table of the Villa sunshine sit. It will talk about whether there is probably to buy a Slingshot in Sri Lanka. The Eggs are served and everything would be on the food, especially the squirrel, who love fried eggs, easy-no time they sit on the table and steal the eggs from the plate the holidaymakers. Just he demanded after a folding high velocity now he sneaks on tiptoes with raptured face in his room to bring the DSLR. That are so sweet, come on to my plate, I have extra egg over left, really great to watch how the small Palm squirrel can influence the mood of our guests. Forgetting is the animal alarm clock with his annoying high-pitched calls. But not only the squirrels come on time for breakfast but also different kinds of birds the bright red orange Woodpecker Dinopium benghalense black Dajaldrossel Copsychus knows Saul ARIS and of course one or two families of Gelbschnabeldrosselinge Turdoides affinis taprobanus.

Where the latter almost as the squirrels are so cheeky and pushy, but usually have the birds at all resorts their own feeding place. The very often represented Russ bulbul of Pycnonotus cafer starts like small white balls from the air, he is a very skilled pilot who has little fear of larger birds. All birds share the offered boiled rice and fruit, but if the sinensis Chinese spur cuckoo of Centropus on the screen space is made as soon as possible, even though he eats not the offered food he comes regularly to check what is the feeding place for a riot. As of now, there is no evil faces more morning, because the tourists learned that as a reward because she got up so early, the squirrels and birds with them breakfast. If even a monkey family chose the garden as a playground of the happiness is perfect, and it was the beginning of a beautiful vacation day in Sri Lanka. Detlev Raske

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