Start Renovation

Complete renovation, renovation … This notion, until recently, unknown to our compatriots (while residents of the USSR), now firmly entrenched in our minds. This process, which passes through (or will be) each of us. Anyway, to the Ancient, home to the most wealthy and wealthy Russians. Many of them, who have long made the renovation, already seriously thinking about what kind of exclusive design them come up for your interior or exterior.

Anyone who has not yet scraped together enough money (or green wood) for major one-time repair the apartment, we can recommend the following. Start with incremental updating of interior. You can replace the first end-of-age fearful windows, which lasted from the time of your settlement, with modern windows. I assure you, the first few days you do not naraduetes on them and will not overshadow their curtains or blinds. You will feel one of their undeniable advantages, the silence and comfort in your home during those moments when your window for summer potnocham noisy partying near the restaurant or occasionally breaks the silence of night piercing car alarm. Incidentally, the phrase 'silent night' has long lost its former importance. Those who are not so long ago, lived outside the city, for example in the country, knows what the background noise of our capital. I think it bears noting that the cost of all this fun will be about 50 thousand, if you change the windows in the kitchen, two rooms, and in the living room window which overlooks the balcony.

About the last screen mentioned is no accident, because not only the window but the door must be changed to PVC. This is a start. The next step could be a replacement heating elements in your kvartiry.Drugimi words, replacement batteries for more elegant and beautiful instead of the Soviet "straholyudiny. Even such a seemingly insignificant new dress will delight the eye. Also, now the dust and dirt will not accumulate, as it did in the old battery, because access was very inward limited. Was almost impossible to either vacuum or wipe with a rag. Especially in the kitchen, where the saturated fat dust settles firmly on the inner walls and on the grid inside the 'sink'. The cost of this can udovoldstviya be about 40,000 rubles, along with the work (cutting of pipes and other plumbing work). This price is given for the case, if you change the heating system in the kitchen and the three other rooms of your apartment in the 17-story blue and white house. What will be the next step is up to you. Everything will depend on your imagination and budget. For instance, if you will contribute to success and your financial situation changes for the better, then you can think of and about the original design solutions for your interior (see here).

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