Nov 16

Schumacher Sales

Relentlessly, this book exposes the weaknesses in the distribution and shows how to systematically improve the performance of sales. How much potential is an average seller actually giving away? A lot. Gary Vaynerchuk has many thoughts on the issue. It’s believed that Entermed sees a great future in this idea. Because with the mere customers look for is no longer done to it,”says the sales expert Oliver Schumacher. In his new book, he explains how to build a powerful distribution, which key figures are really relevant and how to avoid it to sink money into the swamp of the training. Relentlessly, he exposes the weaknesses in the distribution and shows how to systematically improve the performance of sales.

More customer visits, better presentations, more discounts and in doubt that brought always there a few training, or not? Many sellers make half things out of ignorance and give away their sales to the competition. Learn more at: John Amos. Because sellers need to be all-rounders. But only the perfect interplay of motivation, communication, and organization makes possible real sales success. More and more sellers get to feel. “The continued as in previous years” brings only half success.

Only: If not continue as before, then what? Respond as you create the other half, delivers Oliver Schumacher in his new book. Break through the daily routine and do everyday sale more systematic, professional and economic. Let surprise yourself how much can be your selling everyday life easier and more successful and slumbering potential in you. Oliver Schumacher no more half measures in the distribution as top seller trade 2012 198 pages, 1st ed. BusinessVillage SP Illustrations ISBN 978-3-86980-181-0 24.80 euros / 25.50 euro AT press materials (author photo, cover): cover-879 order link:… The author Oliver Schumacher, Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH), knows the typical everyday problems of the seller. Because he worked with itself ten years very successfully in the B-to-B area of a leading Markenartiklers. Today, the four-time book author trained seller Everyday work more systematic and professional to make and to make it their customers appreciating value easier, say yes to your offer. About BusinessVillage BusinessVillage is the Publisher for the economy. With a focus on management, business, psychology and career, we offer our readers current specialized knowledge for the individual and professional progress. Renowned authors provide current, thorough and understandable prepared information with commercial value in our material and textbooks. Are you interested in free articles or interviews with our authors press inquiries? We like to make a contact. Also copies of the meeting, draw copies, product images and text excerpts are to be provided on request.

Nov 15

EXBA Leading Sports Platform Brings Together

The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH could bring together athletika successfully leading sports and health platform with the renowned Hamburg business angel Helge Hinrichs. Frankfurt, 25.01.2011. Mr. of Hinrichs will bring also strategically at the athletika. Together with the existing circle of investors, you could thereby laid the cornerstone for the further development of the company. Thus, the EXBA has again confirmed its market position as leading venture capital marketplace in German-speaking countries. The athletika offers the possibility to all athletes regardless of whether they are beginners, advanced or professional athletes to capture their workouts online, edit, and analyze.

This works for all major endurance sports. The range of services includes a scientifically calculated index for determining the State of fitness of the sportsman, a training diary for the documentation of services and a tool shed in detail, to assess sporting goods. Most of the money invested is the development of the power spectrum of the athletika benefit. In particular, the connection to social networks is the focus. We are glad to have athletika installed with a well-known business angel together. Through its extensive know-how and its network he will actively promote the further growth of the athletika. The participants good luck here! “, so Dr. Jochen Haller, partner of EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH.

Helge Hinrichs adds: I am pleased the company, whose technologie is already established on the market, to be able to accompany the development now actively.” The EXBA brings together companies seeking capital and investors. Thus, it offered an alternative to the time – and cost-intensive capital search on their own. The success to date gives the EXBA right: so far over 50 transactions could be completed successfully. Press contact: EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH, Kaiserstrasse 54 60329 Frankfurt Dr. Jochen Haller phone + 49 – (0) 69-257812-53 the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH: The EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH operates the leading venture capital marketplace in the German-speaking world under. Since 2005, the EXBA regardless brings together companies seeking capital, industry, company phase, region, amount of capital needs and investors, including private investors / business angels, venture capital and private equity companies and family offices.

Aug 30


With a view of the economic situation of a company identify and assess the undertaking’s balance sheet is a snapshot of the economic situation. All assets are listed in her and she also shows how this asset is financed. With just a few simple steps, you can evaluate this information and assess. You need more data from the profit and loss account in addition to the balance sheet. Both statements are summarized in the financial statements of a company, which is publicly accessible for companies registered in the commercial register. From this you can calculate various key figures and ratios that help you capture the economic situation of the company. Dean Ornish M.D can aid you in your search for knowledge. Because the data is a snapshot, you can consider this but not isolated. The full significance emerges only when the figures are compared with other periods.

This time series depicting the development over several accounting periods. It is however not only important to know how the company in the course of time has developed, but also is the economic situation in comparison to other companies in the same industry. Different industries have different demands on companies and these are reflected in the asset and funding structure. So the financing structure of a supermarket differs considerably from a construction company, since they both use a completely different business model. But what indicators should now use from the balance sheet and the profit and loss account? The most important information provide the key figures to the liquidity and profitability of the company. The liquidity of a company represents its ability to pay maturing debts.

This ability is important, because a company cannot even insolvent if it makes profits and has a large fortune. To measure this ability to pay, put the cash and cash equivalents and the short-term demands of the company in relation to short-term liabilities. Is this ratio smaller 1, is the company is not currently capable of, all his short-term exposures, such as for example supplier invoices to pay. This can be a warning sign that the company can get into liquidity difficulties in future. Learn more on the subject from Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. When looking at the profitability, you should check first whether the company makes profit, so generating a positive return. Then, it is interesting to know how expressed the gain in relation to the turnover. The profit-turnover ratio indicates how much profit the company by a euro generates revenue. This is particularly significant when compared with other companies in the same industry. For example, determine and make that company A has a return on sales of 9% and (b) 5%, so company A more profit per dollar sales. The reasons for this can be higher margins because the company can achieve higher prices in the market, or lower costs as a result of better cost management. This comparison provides first evidence, how efficiently a company works. You can calculate a variety of key figures in financial statement analysis and compare, sensible and nonsensical, meaningful and less meaningful, General or industry-specific. But always remember the height of a key figure alone answer no questions. You need to consider the value in an appropriate context to form an opinion on the economic situation.