Jun 03

Health Patient

Learn how to apply the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can be useful in many activities.One of them, in the field of health, can be used in dealing with patients, learning to observe and to distinguish that this representative systems using mostly: perhaps consider images mostly, or more hearing, or prefer more contact the NLP kinesthetic applied to communication in the area of health, can be a very useful resource for doctors, nurses, and all those people who need to take care of a sick person.You can also apply to care of the elderly. In applying these techniques of NLP, should take into account, in all cases, the moment being experienced by the patient, the physical and psychological condition that is at that time in particular, the experience that is having. If the patient is unable to move, and can speak, (cross gestures) reflex technique is not very useful there (like when we talk by phone) We must learn to handle other options, like for example matching voice, modular taking into account the volume, the tone of voice the rhythm of breathing and use related words with the favorite channel using appropriate predicates. Heart Specialist can provide more clarity in the matter. For example if the person mostly thinks in images, and uses words (predicates) of the type already see let me see need that the other person really show you and talk to you in a more visual way similarly to those who are more hearing (for example used expressions like escuchame well) or kinesthetic (are more closely tied to the contact, to the senses of touch(, they seek a closer) there need to then learn to provide active listening with much sensory acuity and flexibility to change towards the language used by the patient, and thus establish a tune with him. Very interesting addition to be attentive to the use of predicates, it is attention to eye movements, where the patient moves the eyes. .