The Difference

Or do not agree. Or do they are not suitable for the requirements. Hooray! There are 350. I was forbidden to get up, although I feel fine. Before me guy donor immediately jumped up and ran after the delivery. It's a shame. But not "otehala.

We spoke with a nurse. She's here for 4 years. Her work is dangerous, double-needle pricked accidentally. But everything is sterilized, donors can not get infected. All you can go. Need to eat.

Want a chocolate bar, which I in store. Asked: "You are one, or someone sees off?" No, I'm alone. All right. I thought it will be worse. As a childhood in the garden on potatoes when rises sharply and the head circle, like a drunkard and dark eyes. Who planted the potatoes a day in the heat, he knows. In the hallway waiting for me a sad-eyed Mary. Everything else has gone – today no longer accept blood. I wish Mary speedy recovery. Again, did not ask her son or daughter? What's the difference. The main thing that is. That lives. She thanked me and wished not to be ill. I do not want to hurt. But especially I DO NOT WANT get here at University! NEVER. Just as donor. I will come as a donor, many times. Mom, when I heard said that I had no brains. Who will my child with me if something happens? Yeah, maybe I have and otshiblo part of the brain in the infant intensive care unit. When I brought the milk, and Temkin couveuse was empty. Then immediately it turned out, of course, that he felt better and couveuse no longer needed. But something irreversible has occurred in me for those seconds. I want to finish on a positive note. Children's Cancer – Cured! And the more people will in this part (blood, money, prayer), the more children will recover! Let's plant trees! Then we will breathe much cleaner. And easier. PS I am not in any way encourage people who have a contraindication to donation by health to donate blood! My experience – it's my choice. But you have to think with your head and make your decision!

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