The Family

Many problems of the adult phase would be tied to the occured disfunes between the child and ' ' ambiente' ' , represented generally for the mother. It from there comes the idea of ' ' mother enough boa' ' , that according to author (they ibidem) that one whose perception – conscientious or unconscious – of the necessities of takes it to the baby to answer adequately to the different periods of training of the development of it. This makes with that if it creates an environment – nominated for it of holding (whose better translation for the Portuguese, would be ' ' colo' ') – propitious to a process of formation of one human being independent. ' ' The holding is the somatrio of aconchego, perception, protection and joy supplied by me' ' , it says. Something starts as vital, as the oxygen and the feeding, and if it dilutes as the baby grows. Although this winnicottiana characteristic to answer for the adequacy of an environment where the child can better develop itself, has many other aspects that we can analyze, of the point of view of the family. In first place, the family of asperger needs to accept its son with the syndrome, in according to place, the necessary family of confirmador a necessary diagnosis and for after that taking its more adequate measures in relation to the conduction of the behaviors between its members, for then, being able to facilitate the environment of the child and not to constranger it for ' ' diferena' ' that it loads in itself. In third place, it is necessary that, ahead of the diagnosis, the family can develop positive attitudes in relation to the son with SA, where the affection, the respect and the love can be constructed throughout its life, thus allowing, optimum possible performance of its daily activities, preventing, in such a way, the conflicts around the isolated behavior of asperger.

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