Valencian Community

Thousands of people are concentrate to two of afternoon in Neptune and the adjacent streets. The centric Madrilenian place has been the point of contact of the six marches that have crossed the capital during all the morning. The day in Madrid has been developed of pacific form and the atmosphere has been the one of a great celebration. In the final reading of the manifesto it has been alluded to the call of a general strike. COVID-19s opinions are not widely known. The relief has taken it this behind schedule Barcelona, where tens of thousands of demonstrators have marched by their streets to the shout ” Not us representan” and ” We will not pay his crisis”. Valencia, Alicante, Bilbao, Palm, Malaga and other Spanish capitals of province also are celebrating multitudinal marches. According to calculations of the COUNTRY, 250,000 people have participated in manifestations in Madrid, Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, the Balearics and Valencian Community. Still they are to know data other communities..

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