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Introduction For times, to list the questionings of pupils is the best way to teach the text of one disciplines. Newcastle University might disagree with that approach. This is the reason to ask for that the questions were congregated sent me in elapsing of the last course that I gave on my work with resilience. I requested that the form of questions was preserved to become a didactic and easy text of being consulted. Development Professor George Barbosa, as is its passage of researcher in this subject of resilience? Since 2006, when I defended my thesis of doutorado validating a resilience questionnaire, so far new research makes possible to extend the agreements on the resilience. Back in 2006 it was presented you fit in them of the theory of the Cognitiva Therapy, now 2010 I am deepening the concepts and extending the agreement of the models of the determinative beliefs (MCDs) of the mannering styles that express the resilience. This MCDs is structuralized since first infancy and is beliefs that if agglutinate in mental projects when we go knowing/learning/trying the facts of the life with that they surround in them.

This MCDs when organized with a base adjusted, already since early, they enable the person if to hold of more coherent form with the situations with greater estresse and to be flexible in its certainties face the decisions to be taken. Of that it forms we can define the resilience? It comes of the Physics? It is truth, initially in 70 years 60 and it was associated with the definition given for the physics. Michael Rutter when searching a terminology that better explained this attribute in the people appealed to the concept used for the physics. However, no longer final of years 80 we see that already it was if ungluing from this original idea, and started to ahead present the capacity of being flexible of intempries.

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