Sep 21

10 Important Steps To Overcome Depression

Every time they go through problems and if it was not followed very carefully you can enter a cycle of anguish. A routine of terrible suffering. Also known as the love of suffering. And depression is, precisely, the accommodation in this cycle. In my lectures I have made many in Brazil references to my time of crisis (which sometimes even return) tighten through financial resources, needs and dilemmas of the family in different levels, also I know of others that were or are going through serious problems of health, family, professional, sentimental. You can, now, is just in the middle of a turbulancia and it would be very selfish on my part to not share with you a bit of help I received and attitudes that have to cope with the difficult years of the trends that deliver the sadness and depression. My 10 steps and mingle sent to my narrative.

A decisive fact, while we are fighting depression, (1) what you think determines the quality of your day. You decide whether or do not use, that day, his mind with thoughts good or bad. You do not understand, but think that all thought is inevitable. But it is not. It is not so. (2) We must take control of our thoughts, or it is what we want. We are only what interest flow.

Taking into account only what, for a quick analysis, be considered beneficial. I remember a very interesting day in my process fight depression: the electricity company had cut off my light. Led included clock (days until I had linked to power on its own, angry with the situation), then I had two alternatives: 1. Me rebels and new feeding feelings of anger, anxiety and revenge, 2. Plan a dinner with candles and a demoinstrar my family the benefits of bath of ice. (Humor isn’t it?) Yes, but what I did, (3) I decided by the second alternative (that also this), take the bath ice and a dinner with candles.