Oct 24

Measures Before The Retirement

The terrace model of asset building – even if advertising and Bank advisors claim otherwise: There are important financial decisions that need to be addressed before retirement. Proceed in silence and step by step. The car is junk and the washing machine won’t drain the water? If you now need to overdraw your account, because everything that is left of the content plug in-bound set pension products, then you have done something wrong understanding. Before you begin retirement, make some other important decisions. The terrace model of interest is helpful. After each stage of the terrace should be followed.

The first level is the ongoing payments. For this you need a checking account. There should exceed a monthly take-home pay, because the money is usually not or hardly any interest. When choosing a current account you check in advance, that it suits you and is not too expensive. Comparison sites help often on the Internet.

Have you noticed anything, then you can check off one level and move on to the next. The terrace model of interest with this model for systematic asset accumulation safeguard your liquidity and avoid the danger of having to cancel long-term contracts to Unzeiten. 1 terrace 1: Ongoing payments for this you need a checking account. Here, no more than a monthly net salary should be because the money usually no interest will be paid and thus discards any returns. 2. terrace 2: The “nest egg” in a day cash account should be the reserves for short-term spending available anytime. About two or three Nettogehalter are indicative for the amount. 3. terrace 3: Money for bigger purchases here save for planned targets: a new car, or the Foundation for a House. Appropriate forms of investment are federal bonds, pensions, real estate funds. 4. terrace 4: Retirement ends up the money that remains after the first three steps at this stage. Suitable products are also sponsored pensions or a real estate equity funds.

Oct 08

Energy Saving: Powersafer Stops Standby Consumption On TV, HiFi And Co.

TV, hi-fi system or satellite receiver: secret energy guzzlers are electrical appliances in standby mode. The Powersafer PS X electrical appliances in standby mode automatically disconnects from the mains as soon as they are as usual be turned off via the remote control. Up to five devices can be simultaneously in the small savings miracle connected, for example TV, DVD player, hi-fi system, or satellite receiver. With a single Powersafer PS X, consumers can reduce their annual energy bill by up to 90 euros. The energy-saving mode of action of Powersafer products has been confirmed by the Federal Environmental Agency. A TV in stand by mode is about as useful as a car, the motor will continue to run just because you need it again the next day in the garage”, explains Dietmar Knaup, Managing Director of Powersafer. “To save power, is the most people each evening at the TV to remove the plug from the socket, but too cumbersome for this reason we have developed the HP X.” Profitable due to the lower energy consumption the purchase of the HP X already after a few months.

And the environment is also something like this: depending on less power must be produced, the less carbon dioxide burdened the atmosphere so can everyone make a contribution for a clean environment and an intact air. Over 3 billion rubles every year the Germans, because they turn their electrical appliances on standby after use. Because even though the devices not running, they consume electricity according to Federal Environment Office around 17 billion kilowatt hours further. A lot of energy for the two large power stations must run day and night. This costs not only money, but also polluting CO2, which is released when generating electricity from coal, gas or oil.

Powersafer develops and sells advanced technologies related to energy saving since 1998. Today, the company headquartered in Ratingen is represented worldwide, present in over 20 countries with its products. Contact: Katja Beyer Powersafer GmbH phone: 02102/12374-11 fax: 02102/12374-23 E-Mail: Web: press contact: PR-Fritze. Andreas Peter Hendgen Tel: 0221/3371903 fax: 0221/3371904 E-Mail: Web:

Oct 01

Breeding Rabbits

With a little understanding in the breeding of dwarf rabbits is a bit deeper into his breeding wild ancestor of the European rabbit, from whom all the different breeds of domestic rabbits. And so wild rabbit differs a great fecundity, as conveyed by our domestic rabbits. But everything in nature is in balance, so such a large fertility must be some minuses, otherwise the rabbits would have flooded the entire planet)) So that's disadvantages include poor health, especially in the first year of life. Up to 90% of wild rabbits are killed in this period of life. One of the major diseases leading to death of young rabbits is coccidiosis. Well, now get back to our pygmy rabbits. Dwarf rabbits begin to breed at 6 months.

There are more early puberty, is more pozdnee.Esli rabbit mature after 9-12 months. That might be used in breeding it is not necessary. Weight dwarf rabbits destined for breeding desirable at least 1 kg in females and males from 900gr. Males are ready to mate all year round, except during periods of molting (in this period, males may breed, but usually fertilization does not occur). The females have a so-called hochuha (readiness to mate) usually occurs every 9-12 days. At this time the female becomes more aggressive digs litter issues purring sounds.

Genitals Females swell up and become reddish. Here in this state and gives a lift female to male. Come across shy males, they may refuse to mate with the female on the territory of others.