Mar 30

Fax Air

Climamania, air conditioning, heating, and electrical appliances shop expands its chain of stores the store’s air conditioning and heating just expand your storage capacity with the implementation of two new warehouses in La Llagosta and El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona). Our online store receives the endorsement of the main manufacturers in the sector, bringing together an extensive selection of items for air conditioning, from boilers, heaters, electric water heaters, radiators, until heat emitters or air conditioning equipment, all of them subscribed to the official guarantee. With the implementation of these two new stores and added to the already existing in Montmelo (Barcelona), our company seeks to shelter its extensive catalog of products and at the same time faces a major business challenge, with a greater storage capacity and an improvement in the distribution of their articles to supply to the whole country in a way even more agile and effective. On-line shop for air conditioning expands its spectrum of stores being faithful to its policy of constant innovation. For more information about our products and services, please contact us: Tel: 933 904 210 E-mail: Web: Fax: 933 904 205 source: press release sent by Climamania.

Mar 26

Higher Education In Switzerland

What is he, a modern young man? Purposeful and confident, sometimes naive, but always open, and already knows what to want out of life. Such people come to us with questions about access to higher education for abroad. And glad that they ask questions not because they just want to know, but because they want to act! What is to offer the most ambitious and most self-confidence? What country, what kind of education? Similarly, Switzerland! Word of the application "Swiss" does not require advertising. For example, a bank (in this segment of life I have that word is not credible, and you?), And Swiss bank – is another matter! Or watch – as you think, what the most accurate? A Swiss chocolate – um-m! Switzerland – synonymous with prestige and quality … Higher education abroad? Be sure to Switzerland! But what, apart from prestige, famous Swiss higher education? How to get it? And that this may happen? With these and other issues we have addressed directly to a representative of the Swiss business school DCT and Alpine Center in eastern Europe, Irina Georgieva. For questions about higher education in Switzerland, people come to different age, with different levels of education: boys and girls, just graduated from school, and people who already have higher education. So the first question – who designed training program in Switzerland? Over the past 25 years have seen sustainable development of tourism and hospitality industry in Switzerland. And not for no longer a secret that this is one of the largest sectors of the economy, which brings huge profits and provides jobs. Given the large number career opportunities that exist and the lack of well-trained and skilled personnel to work in a constantly opened hotel-tourism enterprises around the world, young boys and girls come study in the Swiss Alpine Center and School of DCT, to continue to build a career in this wonderful industry, which guarantees employment.

Mar 24

The Family

Many problems of the adult phase would be tied to the occured disfunes between the child and ' ' ambiente' ' , represented generally for the mother. It from there comes the idea of ' ' mother enough boa' ' , that according to author (they ibidem) that one whose perception – conscientious or unconscious – of the necessities of takes it to the baby to answer adequately to the different periods of training of the development of it. This makes with that if it creates an environment – nominated for it of holding (whose better translation for the Portuguese, would be ' ' colo' ') – propitious to a process of formation of one human being independent. ' ' The holding is the somatrio of aconchego, perception, protection and joy supplied by me' ' , it says. Something starts as vital, as the oxygen and the feeding, and if it dilutes as the baby grows. Although this winnicottiana characteristic to answer for the adequacy of an environment where the child can better develop itself, has many other aspects that we can analyze, of the point of view of the family. In first place, the family of asperger needs to accept its son with the syndrome, in according to place, the necessary family of confirmador a necessary diagnosis and for after that taking its more adequate measures in relation to the conduction of the behaviors between its members, for then, being able to facilitate the environment of the child and not to constranger it for ' ' diferena' ' that it loads in itself. In third place, it is necessary that, ahead of the diagnosis, the family can develop positive attitudes in relation to the son with SA, where the affection, the respect and the love can be constructed throughout its life, thus allowing, optimum possible performance of its daily activities, preventing, in such a way, the conflicts around the isolated behavior of asperger.

Mar 21

PSF Health

Concerning the displayed one, were intended to detach the importance of the nurse as health manager, a time that this has technique-scientific capacity, organizacional and make use of creativity to launch condizentes proposals with the reality of its community, as well as implementing actions that go to the meeting of the expectations of the users of health of the population in question. The education for the creative thought is first step for the improvement of the level of innovation in the organizations. One is about a tool strategical of the management process and a differential for the nurse in the management of the nursing team, that when creating or innovating will be surprised at its potential. .

Mar 06


From the couch potato to the endurance athlete with ELAN for the marathon as one also successfully rises over 40 of the couch – or what do I need to run a marathon! Past: At the age of 41 was directed my life like that of many others: morning get up, drive to work, tear off 8 hours, go home, dinner, give the daughter a good night Kiss, often TV and then to bed – day in – day out – change only on the weekends, usually with alcohol at parties consisted… Fact was: the inner pig dog had me firmly in the grip of sport is murder was my guiding principle at most before the TV sport for me was adequate entertainment. Yes and smoking I was even, what erschwerendd I realized, as I climb up on a customer visit 7 floors on foot musste…es not much went 5 stock after the and I drew the opposite conclusion: “you’ve got to do something, otherwise soon not much. Well, it has thought everyone ever the difficulty is as always in life in the implementation! It took several weeks to even something moving. With the purchase of a cross trainer, I wanted to counteract my unfitness, but quickly lost the desire it because the stupid run as the “Hamster in the roller cage” not really ffur the soul was conducive. So, I came me to buy running shoes to try out jogging on the idea. The first run was devastating after approx.

2,000 meters, the air was at the end and I was close to the attack, so I thought at least. Despite these first impressions I like walking in the fresh air and I strengthened the jogging slowly and steadily… It was already 3 months, until I was able to run in a “pain-free” and the lungs provided got more clean air as tar smoke (I had quit now) and it worked better from week to week… Present: 1.5 years I am now almost every night as Rangers active and could constantly expand my reach. I have in the course of time completely changed my eating habits and put for the endurance also targeted on sports nutrition, a good friend from Vienna had recommended to me. This resulted in a performance increase, I would not so quickly can achieve with normal food. Then last fall the biggest success – I ran my first half marathon to the finish! Future: This year I will run a marathon – whether in Berlin or elsewhere I’ll decide spontaneously!