Breeding Rabbits

With a little understanding in the breeding of dwarf rabbits is a bit deeper into his breeding wild ancestor of the European rabbit, from whom all the different breeds of domestic rabbits. And so wild rabbit differs a great fecundity, as conveyed by our domestic rabbits. But everything in nature is in balance, so such a large fertility must be some minuses, otherwise the rabbits would have flooded the entire planet)) So that's disadvantages include poor health, especially in the first year of life. Up to 90% of wild rabbits are killed in this period of life. One of the major diseases leading to death of young rabbits is coccidiosis. Well, now get back to our pygmy rabbits. Dwarf rabbits begin to breed at 6 months.

There are more early puberty, is more pozdnee.Esli rabbit mature after 9-12 months. That might be used in breeding it is not necessary. Weight dwarf rabbits destined for breeding desirable at least 1 kg in females and males from 900gr. Males are ready to mate all year round, except during periods of molting (in this period, males may breed, but usually fertilization does not occur). The females have a so-called hochuha (readiness to mate) usually occurs every 9-12 days. At this time the female becomes more aggressive digs litter issues purring sounds.

Genitals Females swell up and become reddish. Here in this state and gives a lift female to male. Come across shy males, they may refuse to mate with the female on the territory of others.

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