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Who forget Valentine’s day is lost. To give away flowers has its charm, who just wants to grab a cherry on the cake, which buys rhinestone stone jewellery from Swarovski. On February 14, Valentine’s day is the day of lovers. While in countries such as South Korea and Japan the men are gifted women with chocolate and a month later, on the so-called White Day, the comeback start to offer in turn white chocolate as a gift to the chosen ladies, the Herzkoniginnen expect jewels glistening in the Western District of cultural and a lush bouquet of flowers instead of sweet treats. But whether it homemade chocolate or a diamond ring from Tiffany’s BBs, is honest, but not the ultimate. The main thing is that the one you love thinks of one and also clearly brings this on this particular day, in any form whatsoever. Whether as a simple sign of love in the form of a poem or a small letter or as a nice dinner by candlelight in a romantic atmosphere. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may not feel the same. As long as one (s) only it thinks.

But there are still enough hick, who forget Valentine’s day. And what look like the consequences for carrying her head under her arm? In the statistics of the German Association for hotel and catering industry, it is clearly visible that this group of men one, sometimes two days before the door be used. The allocation for single rooms on the 14th and 15th February is significantly higher than short before or shortly after the Valentine’s day. That speaks a clear language. Women can react very disproportionately, but sometimes as a reference of course is”a sensible measure to funnel this date the man. Certainly many women over the double love can enjoy namely jewelry and flowers -, which were not on Valentine’s day and complained evil. I myself last year also belonged to those who were forgotten.

However, I have not bloody murder screaming and expensive porcelain wall thrown. Enough for a Crimson head and stammering apologies for my friend a little nod. The next day he greeted me with a huge bouquet of flowers in one hand and a small jewelry box in your other hand. The bouquet was nice, but the glittering heart of Swarovski rhinestone that hiding in the casket, was absolute madness. How could I be still angry with him. When I wanted to buy my mother a dance dress some rhinestones to spice up her dress a little, I stumbled upon two Internet shops from random, who sell such rhinestone stone heart of Swarovski, such that I got from my friend. On and, I could see these rhinestones were as favorable. I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a person expecting expensive gifts, but was pleased with the gesture of my friend and also glad that he is not threw for me in expenses, after all, he is still a student. Because I also like to do gifts I gave him as a Heart Rhinestone stone. However, I was from the outset is aware that he wear the good piece not around the neck. For this, it was also not determined. Rather, I wanted to, that he has an exposed position in his apartment, which he daily has in mind and as always may think of me, if I’m not with him.

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