Breathed with difficulty. Lighting was no good anywhere. Wow had to suffer ‘- complaining, recalled Dr. Nikolai Grube, a famous German scholar of Mayan culture. What happened, happened. Some contend that Preventive Medicine Research Institute shows great expertise in this. Now, having made the discovery possible with a smile, talking about the darkness, heat, a tiny laser. The main thing is done: with the American Linda Scheele, a specialist in deciphering hieroglyphics, Grube entered under the ‘Acropolis’ (fortified part) City of Copan and rescued from oblivion one of the pages in the history of this ancient city-state, lying in the south of the country’s Maya.

The underground portion of Copan is dotted with trenches and tunnels, like Swiss cheese – the holes. For more than a hundred years Archaeologists digging tirelessly in the land on which once stood the mighty Mayan center – now it’s sovereign territory of Honduras. For many archaeologists stay on the ground in Central America has been fraught with risk and turned into a sacrifice on the altar of science. So passed the century. Shafts and tunnels stretch for miles now.

They can be compared with the time machine, carrying the archaeologists day today from a miserable provincial microcosm, and a half thousand years ago in the grand era, the heyday of the Mayan culture. Gradually, scientists are finding more and more new things, telling those distant times, slowly progressing and deciphering hieroglyphics. All the detail paints a picture of prosperity and decline of the great Mayan civilization.

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