Slovenia Ivf

British doctors are concerned that their patients can go to Eastern Europe for cheap treatment of infertility. This applies to in vitro fertilization – growing 'test-tube baby' with using donor eggs. The reason for such "tourism" may be relevant uk authorities to pay for ivf. Prices for treatment of infertility in the uk can reach 2000-4000 pounds. At the same time in Hungary and Slovenia it does not exceed 1500. This fact makes it very attractive for the British treatment abroad. In addition, the results of treatment by ivf clinics in the East is no worse than in Britain. Problem 'Reproductive tourism' may occur in Ukraine, especially taking into account the fact that Ukrainian prices for ivf are not comparable with European and the number of women who want to cash in on egg donation and surrogacy motherhood, can satisfy the needs of not only Britain but the entire European Union..

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