Aug 25

First Common Apartment

Evening together fall asleep and wake up in the morning together. Evening together fall asleep and wake up in the morning together. This is the ideal notion of amorous couples if they plan to move to the first shared apartment. When he dreams but by a lovingly restored apartment in the Mediterranean style with French balcony, a modern, minimalist loft with high ceilings and dark furniture, but already the first major trade-offs should be closed. The strenuous Househunting is completed and the future found at home, the fun really begins.

Often, the next big challenge represents the right interior design and the selection of furniture. As we all know are the tastes of women and men different. Therefore, a balance should be found here. While for women, it is important that the entire interior optically ideally suits the wall color and the selected curtains, men prefer to lay the tiles and carpet, as well as the worry electronic connections and of course, assembling the furniture. The grossest move work are over, woman is again on the way to find the correct decoration and the most beautiful Wohnaccecoires. Colour-matched glass coasters, jungle-like plants for each room, pictures for the walls and candles for the evening, romantic atmosphere on the terrace are in the shopping cart. Both men are now in her true element and get all sorts of technical gadgets for the common household. The largest flat-screen television, the latest stereo system with the best surround sound, a beamer for common soccer nights and numerous other technical toys are on the shopping list.

The phase of Setup and the relocation would be over, now comes the biggest challenge on the couple to everyday life. More food on the ground as in the refrigerator. Scattered beard stubble and hair in the sink, the dirty laundry all over the apartment. The garbage spread already unpleasant odor and attracts flies the dishes piling up in the kitchen. Is the last clean glass your dress from the last Carnival your toothbrush tumbler and the last clean piece of clothing? If your home should look like, then you have not yet clarified one of the most important points, namely to create a cleaning plan.

Aug 16


No adult has such enormous energy, as the most common child from year to year and a half. All moms are looking forward to that happy moment when the baby will make his first independent step. Read more here: Urology, Tennessee. Rejoice in just one day. The next thought: “Better you lie!” Now my mother is absolutely no free time. You should always be alert and hedging the baby. But the joy of a child has no end. He did not just learned to walk, he met with a new way to travel in space, and that he really liked it. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta often addresses the matter in his writings.

Now he has learned to move quickly, and the opportunity to explore the outside world has increased dramatically. Therefore, 5 words for 1 class – quite enough, although it may be necessary to reduce this number to 3, and perhaps up to 1 word. Child aged from 1,5 to 2,5 years, Rule 1. Choose to learn the words that your child is most like. The child has long formed their preferences, and breaks out his opinion. Successful classes are those on which you will show your child’s favorite words. Unloved by the words he will turn away. All little interest words, especially unloved, you need to skip 1 – 2 times, and translate them into the second and third stages: in the category of phrases and sentences. From unloved words can make a very interesting proposal. For example, if your child can not tolerate the word “barley” and is ready to it, like your porridge, you are trying to cram on the advice of doctors to better metabolism, throw down the toilet.