May 29

Sysob Learning Center Brings IT Knowledge Up To Date

VAD technical training leads to the endpoint security by DeviceLock and product update training of Barracuda by Schorndorf, April 9, 2009 the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG presents a free technical workshop on endpoint security in the framework of its comprehensive training offerings\”of DeviceLock. The technical training is held on 23 April 2009 at the sysob training centre in Schorndorf by 9: 30 to 17:30. The event gives a comprehensive overview of function, administration and handling of the software. In addition, a current product update training sysob performs with his partner, Barracuda Networks from 28 to 29 April 2009. Numerous risks to the fast-growing popularity of notebooks, smartphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Companies expose unwittingly the high risks, which may be caused through modern mass storage such as USB sticks, DVDs or other storage media and interfaces, as well as poor endpoint security.

DeviceLock provides reliable protection with its software solution for Data theft and network damage due to removable media. Due to the current topic of endpoint security\”, the free technical training from the training range of sysob shows ample opportunities, what DeviceLock to protect data. With this training, especially IT service providers and systems integrators, who provide first-level support are addressed. Speaker Armin Jost (presales engineer DeviceLock Europe GmbH) is a differentiated overview of the functionality and use of the software. Using practical examples, insights comprehensive participants obtaining the installation up to more complex scenarios. Aim of the workshop is to train to ensure a smooth first-level support for customers using DeviceLock so far.

This has a positive effect on customer loyalty, and generate repeat business. Within the training, it is also possible to enter practical examples or specific questions regarding DeviceLock. Overview of the course content: installation of the \”DeviceLock services overview of the functions of the program administration of each component types of service distribution in the network offline management capabilities to the represented companies receive the certified technical for one year valid status of DeviceLock partner successful completion of the course\”.

Apr 25

Shop Software

‘ More than a shopping cart software and without cost risk! The shop software market is very dynamic in Germany. Good deals that go beyond the software and adjustments, are however scarce. Zaki is therefore an interesting model, the free rental shop sent summarizes BBs, market square and Central checkout and so quickly won market share. We explain the product and the more development here for each well understandable. Please describe Zaki? Zaki combines a unique in Germany from free rental shop BBs, marketplaces and Central checkout. Target of Zaki is to remove all technically and organizationally complex processes to the dealer. So Zaki dealer can concentrate on the essential – the sale of products and the support of their customers. What are the highlights of Zaki? The Zaki concept offers a whole firework of innovations.

I’m trying to be so short. A highlight in the Zaki concept is certainly the combination of its own shop and many market places. Products, a trader uses in his Zaki shop, be set simultaneously in all shopping portals. These portals are of course even advertised by your operators and thus increase the attendance for all offers. Portal operators are involved in the sales fees. Sample portals: Kalhd1 etc. Another highlight on Zaki is that any trader can deposit the link to his existing shop, this is then automatically displayed in all its offerings. John Studzinski has many thoughts on the issue.

This service is completely free, there is also no Klickgeburen. Seller increase Additionally in addition the PageRank as well as the attendance of the own shops… Another highlight of the software is the integrated connect!\” Interface. Thus, it is possible to connect his shop to the various external services by clicking. Currently, the common price and Produktsuchmaschinen, are supported. Which shop models offer Zaki? Private seller 50 – 50 article places \”Business 150 – up to 150 article places professional shop – no article space limitation, own sub.-domain, externally and ad-free accessible we offer the Zaki software exclusively as software as a service\” on.

Mar 29

VOI Remains

VOI is after the relocation of the DMS EXPO continues at the trade fair brings / Messe Stuttgart welcomes long-term partnership after the move of the exhibition DMS EXPO in Stuttgart and the cooperation between Koelnmesse and Messe Stuttgart is known in July, one for the technical support at the new location continues to focus on proven support: the VOI Association will be at the trade fair around enterprise content and document management organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V., continue to be the key partner of the DMS EXPO and introduce existing Know-How. The Association will be represented in the Advisory Board of the fair, incorporated the knowledge of its members and content make this with the event in the future. Scarlett Strallen might disagree with that approach. Martha McClintock has similar goals. The DMS EXPO will take place parallel to the IT & business from 26. Until 28 October at the Stuttgart trade fair held. We greatly appreciate the partnership-based and future-oriented cooperation with the Messe Stuttgart and expect extremely positive synergies in the coexistence of the DMS EXPO with the IT & business for our members”, says Andreas Nowottka, Chairman of the Board of the VOI. “” The trade fair duo creates ideal conditions for trade visitors and providers an industry event to establish, that the region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) roof opens up in the autumn.

“We appreciate it, that the VOI continues as a strong partner at the DMS EXPO brings a”, says Ulrich Kromer, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart. This is a clear signal to the market. Together we can effectively establish the international industry gathering around the topic of document management and further develop this high-profile event.” The VOI will be represented at the DMS EXPO in Stuttgart with a large partner stand on the over 30 members of the Association present. The traditional VOI Forum will be placed in close proximity to the State and offers an exciting lecture program on all three days of the event.

Feb 25

IT Knowledge Club: Microsoft SharePoint

syscovery offers information and exchange of leaf shape in Mannheim and Munich, the second Club of IT knowledge of the IT service provider syscovery treated the topic Microsoft SharePoint. Technical, organisational and practical approaches are presented and illustrated with practical examples. The need for solutions for integrated business process optimization is steadily increasing. With SharePoint, Microsoft has created a professional platform requirements, such as collaboration, enterprise document management and others, easy and fast to implement. Using live demo scenarios, it is presented as an ERP system connects with SharePoint or Exchange data with a CRM system. Claus Romanowsky, Microsoft SharePoint expert syscovery, reported from his professional experience and the use of SharePoint under specific conditions. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jane Figueiredo on most websites.

Each participant can bring his own questions and topics and thus help shape the IT knowledge Club. The current issue of IT knowledge Club held once on November 25, 2009 in Mannheim and December 9, 2009 in Munich. In addition to these venues offers syscovery a mobile version of IT knowledge Club, which takes place on-site, for a group of prospective customers.

Feb 12

Sandvik Mining

ReadSoft solution for automated invoice processing in SAP should accelerate the process significantly Neu-Isenburg, 26.03.2010. The Sandvik Mining and construction G.m.b.h. in Zeltweg (Austria) optimizes their invoice processing in SAP now with the solution suite by ReadSoft. The manufacturer of machinery for the mining industry replaces the previous very time-consuming manual entry of approximately 40,000 invoices. Due to special requirements for review and posting of the document, the manual process has often delayed the invoice processing.

Invoices from suppliers from abroad on different levels of quality, and also orders that are paid due to the long duration of the project in mechanical engineering for long periods of time with instalments are characteristic of the structure of the Sandvik invoice receipt. Ambitious goal of the company is through the electronic invoice processing automatically to book all purchase invoices with purchase order reference. To an automated matching with the ERP data in the To enable SAP system, both order number and invoice amount must match the specifications from the purchase order. To do this, the suppliers of the company be incorporated soon reinforced in the process. \”Werner Tiefengraber, project manager of software introduction: according to our planning the introduction of the automated invoice processing period of three years will pay for themselves.\” In the evaluation of multiple invoicing solutions for SAP ReadSoft best section from the perspective of the project team: was crucial for us, that the application for invoice processing in SAP is integrated. The ReadSoft solution was the most technically sophisticated product. We have reviewed other software solutions, where numerous process steps outside had taken place by SAP in a separate database. We wanted to avoid this because of the already complex process design\”, so Takacs. Also for ReadSoft said that the solution is already successfully in use in the Swedish parent company. A further plus point This is the ReadSoft solution SAP add-on for the workflow with the invoices promptly examine and approve leave for Sandvik.

Jan 08

Chill Out

Charts, black, hip hop, electro, and maybe the one or the other favorite album of the host’s individual music for parties, dancing and music is on every good party a must. Charts, black, hip hop, electro, and maybe the one or the other favorite album of the host’s individual music for parties, dancing and music is on every good party a must. With the new DJ control MP3 e2 Hercules and a notebook you can compose in advance or live slightly even professional MP3 mixes. Click cancer research to learn more. Dusseldorf, October 02, 2009 party-ready DJ mixes can be not optimal to mix, if one has only a notebook at the start. Who has only a computer to mix on the spot, can not preview the music. So he doesn’t know whether successive title really have a transition that fits and sounds great. A DJ control uses who, however, would control the beat sync manually to get a mix, which sounds authentically and professionally.

A control with two decks, such as the new DJ control MP3 e2 Hercules the most. The two black jog wheels of the Hercules DJ control Mp3 e2 reminiscent of vinyl turntables. You can but much more: enable manual navigation through the pieces, help you raise or lower the playback speed (beat synchronization) and when using scratch effects. Supplied software VirtualDJ DJC MP3 e2 to analyzed on Mac and Windows notebooks of the beats per minute (BPM) each track, so that the DJ called cue-points can start marking points, from which the individual tracks start. Checks sync, pitch, pitch bend, and master tempo adjust two piece together the speed and allowing for the smooth transition from one to the other track, as professional DJs are accustomed to. The three crossfader and the eight Rotary potentiometer (Controlknobs) make the mix a matter that simply works and fun. (26.5 x 18.7 x 6.4 cm) Hercules DJ control MP3 e2 is the ideal controller for each DJ completely portable lighter than a laptop, lean mass.