Norbert Porazik

With 11.5 million euro financial can reference now the Fund an equity ratio of 24%. Markus Kiener explains: for me as a shareholder of the Fund and Norbert Porazik financial it belongs to a good tradition, that most of the profits in the company will remain and will be invested in the future of the company. Especially in times of great uncertainties, this solid equity base offers our distributors. enormous additional collateral” Employees are involved in the company’s success as already in the previous year, involved this year the Fund financial management staff with on average more than a month’s salary on the success of the company. Since 2009 we are systematically investing in efficiency-enhancing measures. As a result, that the profits in relation could be expanded also 2011 disproportionately to the growth in turnover.

Such a success is possible only with highly motivated and extremely dedicated employees. That’s why it pleased, that we our 160 employees at This success could participate”, says Tim Broning. Fiscal year 2012: Despite the uncertainties in the market expects profits in the millions the confidence sets at the Munich-based broker pool the tone. The current development meets us not unprepared. Our risk management and a focus on sustainable projects will come to bear fully this year. The first months of the year are pretty much our forecasts. For the year 2012 we expect profits in the millions,”says Norbert Porazik over the current fiscal year. The agent pool will be present this year again publicly details of current corporate development and the review of 2011 the capital trade fair in Berlin on 11 October 2012. The audited figures, the management report, as well as detailed information to the business year-end 2011 can also shortly about the Federal Gazette and on the website of the Fund financial under / pay be viewed.

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