Sep 13

Ski Resorts In Central Russia

Ski resorts in central Russia was a time, skiing were considered bourgeois sport and condemned by the government. Today, ski resorts in Russia are booming, turning from the "poor relation" in one of the most prestigious occupations. Ski resorts in Central Russia are aimed solely at beginners. In some regions, nature allows skiing until May. Orel city Mtsensk Pension "ZIL" Holiday "ZIL" one of the traditional ski resorts of Mtsensk (Oryol oblast), located 320 kilometers from Moscow. Pension is situated on the banks of the river Zushi, on the site of a former nobleman's estate.

In total resort offers skiing for 10 runs the length of about 12 thousand feet, which serve 8 lifts. The total length of tracks over 4 kilometers. The length of individual runs from 300 to 600 meters with a height difference of 50 up to 80 meters. There are trails with steep and profiles for both beginners and experienced skiers. There are trails for classification competitions, hire of ski equipment. There is a lighted trail for night skiing. Conducted vocational training for adults and children 4 years old. Ski resorts near Moscow still very popular with tourists are the ski resorts in the suburbs.

Moscow – the edge of forests, rivers, lakes and even the mountains and caves! And all this distance of no more than 2-3 hours away from the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. The average January temperature is -10. Modern Moscow covers an area of 46,000 square kilometers. Ski Resort "Sorochany" At 54 kilometers from Moscow in an ecologically clean area of the Klin-Dmitrov Ridge Dmitrov district, built the large, modern, year-round resort near Moscow. On its vast territory of more than 300 hectares, is the most high artificially created hill in the suburbs. This miracle of engineering and construction of thought emerged as a result of increasing the main hill at 30 meters.

Jun 28

The Multi-faceted Holiday In Laos

Laos – one of the most astonishing and yet almost completely unknown to us country. Dean Ornish M.D is often quoted as being for or against this. Much more we know about the bordering Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand or China. Swarmed by offers, David Sedaris is currently assessing future choices. Laos is shrouded in mystery. Until 1988, the entry of tourists into the country was banned, so know the magical world of Laos, we started not so long ago. Holidays are here – the opportunity to discover a lot of new and unexpected, to get acquainted with a completely different culture.

Laos is in Southeast Asia, the center of the Indochinese Peninsula. In the 14-17 centuries there was a state Lansang or 'Kingdom of Million Elephants. " In 1893 the land passed into the possession of France and became part of French Indochina. In the 50s of the 20th century in northern Laos to Communists took over in 1975, has completely subjugate Laos. One of the most visited cities in Laos is, of course, Vientiane – the capital of the country. Unexpectedly, the capital, there is peace and quiet, no one anywhere in a hurry. The name translates into Russian as "city of sandalwood" or "fragrant city". The appearance of Vientiane – is a bizarre combination of European architecture and Buddhist temples and monasteries.

The most famous pagoda – Thap Luang, it depicted on the emblem of the country. Another interesting town – Luang Prabang, the ancient capital of Laos. He was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. In Luang Prabang, there are 32 large temple complex. One of the most impressive temple is the royal temple of Wat Xieng Thong, with gold and colored glass.

Jun 06

New Nightclub At The Reval Hotel Latvija

“Amber Night” extended Riga nightlife to a new party of pleasure In the 4-star hotel Reval Hotel Latvija has opened new night club amber night. Guests can learn about here on several levels and at reasonable prices Riga night life of a new page. The visitors are entertained by music from the 80’s, 90’s and current hits. Also national and international DJs to demonstrate their skills at various musical theme nights. Of the new Club aims to create a place of rest and pleasure both hotel guests and local guests. We want to be a nightclub for the elite. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., another great source of information. Everyone should feel comfortable here and enjoy yourself in a relaxed atmosphere”, says bar manager Aleksejs Kucers. Around 350 guests.

Amber night is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9: 00 until 5: 00. Who wants to enjoy before the big party night like a cocktail with a 360-degree views of the Latvian capital, can the skyline bar on the 26th floor of the Reval previously hotels Visit Latvija. Learn more about the entertainment and accommodation prices of the hotel under en/Hotels/Latvia-Riga/Tallinn Hotel-Latvija. More general information about Reval Hotels and Reval Inn at and. Information for consumers: Reval Hotels phone: 0 89 / 23 66 21 841 E-Mail:

Apr 26

Sri Lanka, An Animal Breakfast

From grim and leisure travellers, relaxing guests. Sri Lanka’s animals will get to see them in almost every Sri Lanka vacation part of it. There were first of all to see the funny Sri Lanka Palm Horn of Funambulus palmarum everywhere and of course at big and small she are popular, until one morning before the window has. There are those who would like to shoot this little sweet things, because they really make noise. It sounds as if a bird in the same shrill manner would call. As soon as they stop comes the feeling of joy and bliss, pure relaxation so.

But think this is not the end but just a break yet, upside down Papa sitting squirrel at the root of the coconut tree and cries out the lungs from the neck, all Palm squirrel need to hear that he is already awake girls in the area. Much too soon awakened, sullen with grim faces the tourists at the breakfast table of the Villa sunshine sit. It will talk about whether there is probably to buy a Slingshot in Sri Lanka. The Eggs are served and everything would be on the food, especially the squirrel, who love fried eggs, easy-no time they sit on the table and steal the eggs from the plate the holidaymakers. Just he demanded after a folding high velocity now he sneaks on tiptoes with raptured face in his room to bring the DSLR. That are so sweet, come on to my plate, I have extra egg over left, really great to watch how the small Palm squirrel can influence the mood of our guests. Forgetting is the animal alarm clock with his annoying high-pitched calls. But not only the squirrels come on time for breakfast but also different kinds of birds the bright red orange Woodpecker Dinopium benghalense black Dajaldrossel Copsychus knows Saul ARIS and of course one or two families of Gelbschnabeldrosselinge Turdoides affinis taprobanus.

Where the latter almost as the squirrels are so cheeky and pushy, but usually have the birds at all resorts their own feeding place. The very often represented Russ bulbul of Pycnonotus cafer starts like small white balls from the air, he is a very skilled pilot who has little fear of larger birds. All birds share the offered boiled rice and fruit, but if the sinensis Chinese spur cuckoo of Centropus on the screen space is made as soon as possible, even though he eats not the offered food he comes regularly to check what is the feeding place for a riot. As of now, there is no evil faces more morning, because the tourists learned that as a reward because she got up so early, the squirrels and birds with them breakfast. If even a monkey family chose the garden as a playground of the happiness is perfect, and it was the beginning of a beautiful vacation day in Sri Lanka. Detlev Raske

Apr 25

Travel To Germany

Germany is located in the Centre of Europe and extends from the Alps in the South to the North Sea in the Norte.Limita with Austria and Switzerland in the South, Poland and the Czech Republic in the East, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands in the West; and Denmark in the North. With some of the largest cities in Europe, Germany, offers a unique experience to all travelers. The South of Germany, is ideal for the outdoor and adventure.Within the border of Germany is a part of the mountain range of the Alps, two of the major rivers of Europe: the Rhine and Danube, and the Black Forest Scenic. In any of the German cities of a relaxing holiday you can enjoy at any time of the year.Its major cities are ideal for buyers.The weekly markets are carried out in all cities and the Christmas markets usually begin in late November. The currency of Germany is the Euro, and visitors from outside of the area of the EU are entitled to a VAT refund on goods No groceries purchased in German stores. The German people are known for their efficiency, and this is reflected right through its transportation system.Its rail system is first class and makes that travel from city to city a real pleasure.Most of the large German cities have a metro with a frequent agile service system. The climate in Germany is different in the East the summers are very hot and the winter months are very cold.In the North the climate is very cool during the summer and winters mild keep.

Autumn is the most popular time to travel to Germany.The majority of German cities to conduct cultural festivals during September and October.If you are traveling to Germany during the month of October, be sure to visit the city of Munich here you can experience the biggest festival of beer in the world and shows some of the best beers produced in Germany. Music festivals are usually held during the summer and autumn months.Festivals special music they are conducted every year for the famous composers.For Beethoven, the festival is normally held in Bonn and in the State of Thuringia, a festival which is held usually by Bach. Winter holidays are very welcome in Bavaria, the biggest of the 16 German States, where you can enjoy a holiday of skiing in the Alps and the black forest. With more than 2000 museums, Germany has a culture rich in art and literature.Eight German have won the Nobel Prize for literature.October also has another great festival in the second week of October, Frankfurt has the book fair the world, which attracts writers and editors from all parts of the world’s largest. So if you are traveling to Germany which has 14 international airports to choose from in case of connecting flights can be the most German cities. Welcome to (Leaders in Peruvian tourism, Machu Picchu and Cusco Tours) International posts, dedicated to all travelers who wish to travel around the world.

Apr 23

Group Tours And Adventure Holidays

Specialist agency for tours and special adventure tours and study trips with our own tours, car tours (self-drive tours), adventure tours and study trips – database we will give you a first impression of our capabilities. With 30 specialists & expert there is a well trained competence centre. We are each year several weeks to the latest travel trends on the continents of the world such as North America: United States, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico or Asia: Viet Nam, Indonesia (bali), Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, China. Course is also Europe and Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South Seas contain examples for our travel experts: China – Joachim Loock Thailand – Ralf Frank Africa – United States Marion Krech – Werner Salheiser Canada – Ute Hofges & Harald Muller Spain – Marion spree Egypt & Cyprus – Bianca Scoruppa Greece & Turkey – Gabi Muller world Portugal – Rainer Wedel South America & Sweden Timo & Rainer Iserlohe gardening and nature trips Petra Kilian holiday club & luxury travel Gerd Muller Cruises Alexander Growe and and Travel professionals network..

May 15

Bavarian Forest

Winter holiday in the family hotel country house of the Ohe Schonberg the Bavarian forest sinks into the snow. Families who spend their holidays in the ruggedly picturesque low mountain region on the edge of the oldest national park of in Germany in the coming weeks, as have good laugh. Skiing, snowshoeing, sledding or ride in the snow, the offer is virtually limitless. And while kids make even a snowman or play with their supervisor by the white splendour, their parents in the spacious wellness area in the country house to the Ohe relax. Hotel country house to the Ohe, which picturesquely perched on a hill just outside the market town of Schonberg in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, has specialized in family holiday. Here, on the edge of the unspoilt National Park, parents and their children experience carefree holidays. That can be taken quite literally, because: in the snow is the winter-themed of family-run operation round foraging care. Toboggan runs and winter hiking trails start directly at the House, in the stables, good-natured horses wait on a horseback ride through the deep snow-covered landscape.

The horse-drawn carriage will pick guests directly in front of the hotel. You can take bus in obvious family ski area, which has among other things two child-friendly magic carpets as a climbing aid or with the perfectly groomed trails Cross-country skis glide. Even if MOM and dad you want to spend a leisurely day in the spacious wellness and sauna area, continues the fun for their kids without a break. Daily childcare are also excursions in the snow, skiing and much more. Even a separate Kinderwellness area was established. Snow fun and recreation, exciting days and peaceful nights, the mix makes the difference. Flat-rate family ski days: 5 nights for 2 adults.

and one child under seven years of age, half board for adults, AI for children 5 days ski bus transfer (also only to sledding) 5 day ski course for the child, including lift ticket 3-day ski pass for the parents a sleigh ride free use of indoor pool, sauna landscape, Kinderwellnessbereich daily Child care total price for all persons: 925 euro flat-rate family ski week: 7 nights for 2 adults. and 1 child under seven years half board for adults, AI for children of 7 days free ski shuttle to the family ski area Langfurth arranging ski lessons, ski rentals and lift tickets (agai. Fee) a Guided snowshoe walk (weather permitting) free use of indoor pool, sauna landscape, Kinderwellnessbereich daily child care (except Sunday) total price for all persons:.

Apr 15

Map Shopping

If you decide to go for shopping in Italy, it is not always necessary to go only in Rimini (which selects the majority of Russian) or only in Milan (which is touted as the capital of fashion). It is those who chose the wrong city shopping, and then write negative reviews on forums, which often look like this: "In Milan, all the expensive boutiques here in exactly the same things you can buy. In some cheap rags Rimini, for which there is no point in Italy and go. " I made a comparative review of shopping in different cities of Italy in Milan, Rome, Rimini, Florence, Bologna, Sicily, in order for you to decide where you go (this review is compiled based on data from personal shopper, who work for me in those regions). Notice that I highlighted the characteristics of shopping in these cities. First of all, it is important to understand that Italy is divided into 3 parts, which I'll be here mention: the north – Milan, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Turin Centre – Rome, Rimini, San Marino (this is true technically a different country) south – Bari, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia a few important facts: The region south of Italy, the cheaper the cost things, but the lower range, lower-quality things than the north region, the more luxury brands can be found in the outlet, shops in the south of Italy coats will be more expensive than in the center and north, as climate in the north cool to the south of Italy you can find a greater choice of swimwear than in the north (again because of the climate and there are a factory for sewing bathing suits). In central Italy (Marche region) is where most of the Italian factories production of shoes and handbags Villages (shopping centers with year-round discounts) are located in all regions of Italy, near to almost all cities everywhere in major cities in the central squares are boutiques with the things of the past collections. .

Aug 15

On Vacation In Crimea

Sure, summer – is the time for a memorable and quality vacation. And once on the street thermometers abruptly jumps temperature – we just reflect on vacation. I want to go somewhere far away, or not, For example, in the Black Sea to rest. The climate in most countries of the CIS can relax at the local ski resorts around the sun three months of the year. Unfortunately, employers do not allow you to spend it all on vacation, and we restrict ourselves to a standard maximum of 24 days. And the little time we want to spend the maximum.

Some choose distant islands and resorts, but this has its drawbacks – bother with visas, flights and their costs and problems with acclimatization. Why bother it, if there is such a beautiful place, as the Crimea. In Crimea you can get vivid impressions, a great tan and unforgettable memories for the future. After all, there are many interesting cities and holiday destinations: Gurzuf, Yalta, Sudak … Yes they are hard to count on your fingers. Rest in Crimea is famous for excellent improving effect and the particular mild climate. There are plenty of hotels, guest houses and buildings rest, amazingly developed private sector. The service sector is improving and improving.

Special thanks to the fact that vacation in the Crimea is full of spiritual discovery, because this region is frequented by many creative people. Rich in the Crimean peninsula and its history, which can not boast of any resort. It crossed as some tragic, so many positive aspects of history not only of this beautiful edge, but in many countries and people. Be sure to return from leave, if friends and colleagues will always ask questions you will answer that very well rested and gained new experiences uymy!